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dustNgold 03-18-2012 06:26 AM

Golden Oldie - advice needed!
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I have just purchased a horse that I was told was 23, only to have him at the Dentist yesterday to be told between 28 to 30. Looking at him I would think around the 23 or so age. He has been an old mustering horse and no doubt bushed most of his life. He is super sweet and in the last 3 to 4 weeks of getting some TLC is improving and looking younger each day. I have done a little lunging with him and he loves to trot and just keeps going.

He has spots on him that look like old ringworm scars, as I said I think this old fella was bushed most of his life but at some point he was used for something as he is a well trained horse. With daily feeds he is putting on weight and coat is starting to look good, even the hair in scar areas is not so fine, brittle and sparse!

He loves to exercise and I have taken him out on one very small ride in the rural area, he was not at all like an old horse ready to give up, best of all 4 wheeler motorbikes did not phase him nor the sporty type that make even more noise.

Question is where do I put him in age as to his riding needs for exercise and any ideas on the spots? HOW OLD WOULD YOU SAY HE IS????? Will try MTG and another product we can get in Australia and hope to get amazing results.

Oh he was only purchased for light riding and a bit of light riding at Pony Club, I just don't do hard and fast!!!

FIRST PIC - The day I brought him home
SECOND PIC - 3 1/2 weeks on
THIRD PIC - at about 3 weeks with me.

PintoTess 03-18-2012 07:08 AM

Hes cute...I would not do any riding at all on him, he deserves a good retirement :)Hes pretty cute!

Left Hand Percherons 03-18-2012 01:51 PM

As long as the horse doesn't exhibit any pain and is enjoying getting out and being worked, than that's the best thing for him. Keeping him in shape with moderate exercise, keeping his joints loose and keeping his mind engaged are all things that will help promote his overall well being. I've known 30+ year olds that could out distance horses a fraction of their age. Listen to him and he'll show you if he needs to get out once a week or everyday. I think you'll find that the spots just go away on their own over time with better nutrition and care.

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