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mudpie 03-18-2012 05:46 PM

Tips & Answers, please! :D
*sneaks in*

Um, hi guys! *nervous laugh* So one of my new friends (OMG I have a friend! Can you BELIEVE it?!) who's on my FFA horse judging team asked me if I would do the Chowchilla Fair horse show through FFA with her, because she didn't want to be alone. There's Showmanship, English, Western Pleasure, Trail, and Gymkhana divisions. Since Mudpie's still out, I can't do English, which is what, on any normal occasion, I'd do. I've decided that (now, this is just for kicks & giggles I'm not getting all gung ho about this or anything) I'll do western pleasure and gymkhana with Cherry.

Miss Cherry and I are definitely not going to get anywhere with this shenanigan, but it will be fun and that's all that matters. Cherry has really rough gaits (her lope is worse than her trot no joke) and I don't know her that well. I haven't spent a lot of time with her, and she only just recently got off of my sh*t list.

So Miss Cherry is definitely not a peanut roller. I can slow her down, but she's not going to do that half-lame-looking sloooooow gait that WP horses do. (and quite frankly I won't even attempt to teach/learn that gait since we have like 3 weeks to practice, weather & back allowing) But I'm not really concerned. I'll do my best & that'll be fine with us(:

How much will I be docked if I ride with two hands? Also, has anyone done anything with FFA before? If so, what am I supposed to wear? Any regulations I should know about? :) OH, and can I ride in a hackamore? It dawned on me that she might go waaay better in one! :D

Thanks, guys!

Here she is being good at my school the day I decided that I actually liked her. (:

Ray MacDonald 03-18-2012 06:16 PM

Congrats! I bet you will have a ton of fun!

You probably wont win riding two handed, unless your horse is under 5 years old. Have never heard of FFA I think...
To wear I would say a show shirt or a nice button up shirt with a collar. Black jeans or chaps if you have them. Not sure of any regulations. Also not sure if you can ride in a hackamore... I haven't seen it before.

busysmurf 03-19-2012 12:54 PM

Way back when I was in FFs.... We had to wear normal western attire when showing. Boots with a heel (paddock boots will work fine, since your pants have to go over them), preferably black pants (chaps if you got 'em or can burrow a pair), and a button up long-sleeve shirt. And your helmet! I believe a hackmore is OK, just double check when you sign in. Unless the horse is under 5, riding w/ 2 hands is a big no-no in WP, you probably won't get kicked out of the class, but I'd still try the best you can w/ only using 1 hand. Gymkahna it doesn't matter. As for her gaits, just do the best you can, don't think you can't get her to do it, at least try, you may surprise yourself:) Odie was/is a very long strided horse w/ a higher natural headset, and we used to do pretty good, even though we were always passing the peanut pushers. Just remember when you're passing them to use your manners, and let them know you're coming, some of those horses can be zombies,LOL Good Luck & have fun!!

commonfish 03-21-2012 11:01 PM

Since you say her lope is pretty rough, you may want to consider just doing walk/jog classes at the show. If you practice at it constantly, you may be able to get her going halfway decent at neck reining. No, she probably won't be great at it, but two handing her is definitely not going to take any blues home. The good news is that if she usually carries her head like she is in the picture, her headset should be ok.

As for the hackmore question, I'm going to quote AQHA (because that's what I show) on the matter: "Horses 5-years-old and younger may be shown in a snaffle bit, hackamore, curb bit, half-breed or spade bit. Horses 6-years-old and older may only be shown in a curb bit, half-breed or spade bit. Any horse of any age shown in any novice youth or novice amateur class may be shown two handed with a snaffle bit." (AQHA Handbook, pg 135) Generally speaking, I think you'd be better off showing her in a curb bit, if she is six or older.

Good luck!

spurstop 03-21-2012 11:04 PM

It should be noted that when AQHA refers to a hackamore in regards to western performance events (not roping or speed events) it means a bosal with a mecate.

commonfish 03-21-2012 11:14 PM

^ this, yes, forgot to mention that. You can however, use a mechanical hackamore in speed events (pg 136), but judges can disqualify entrants they feel are using a mouthpiece that is overly harsh.

Yes, I randomly have the rulebook handy to quote from:oops:... actually I had to check on something for myself, and since it was right there, I just checked on bitting requirements while I was at it.:D

mudpie 03-22-2012 11:53 AM

Oh there's not multiple classes(: Just those different divisions, each their own single class. I have to use a saddle (because it fits her) that is far to big for me – this will end up interestingly(:

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