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KaleylovesCharm 03-18-2012 08:33 PM

Boston has very bad hoof and leg problems.... We just learned that he has arthritis, in all his legs, but terribly in the back that he can hardly walk. Every time he moves you here a crack, like the kind when you wake up in the morning and your joints creak. Anyways, I was reading up on it and want to find some good things to do for him.
-I plan on starting him on supplements
-Does walking him around circulate blood flow?
-What should I do for him?
We just got him, and are trying to get him all cleaned up. And everything. Thanks! And if you plan on leaving rude comments on here for some reason, like some people do, then don't bother commenting.

moderncowgirl 03-18-2012 09:13 PM

I thought I would just let know my experince with my first horse. She was an older aprox 33 year old arabian mare. She had arthritise and a calsifation build up in her right front knee.

With arthritse you stiffen more if you don't freely move. I kept her out on pasture 24/7.

For her bad days I would give her bute. I would wrap her legs and do cold hose and rub deep ice on her (not wrapped though).

Because of her joints I also tried keep her on a leaner side. This way there was not a lot of stress and pressure on the joints.

On her good days I would lunge her at a walk only. And allow light kids under 5 ride her at a walk.

I did have her on msm and after letting her go I found out it can relate to liver failure... Something the vet stated may of been the cause of finding her in the pasture and time to let go.

I also kept her with really laid back non pushy horses, the youngsters I kept away I didn't want them running her.
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Kayty 03-18-2012 11:02 PM

Agreed with the above, though have never heard that about MSM. I've had horses on it for many, many years and never had a problem, nor a word about it leading to liver failure. Most people around here have got there competitive horses on a moderate does of msm as maintenance and not had a problem either.

You can try complete supplements, such as 'Joint Guard', to help lubricate the joints a little.

But I have to say, if the horse is at the point of being barely about to walk, I would be seriously considering putting it to sleep. I am a big believer in letting a horse go before it gets to the point of suffering, and can't stand to see horses made to live just because the owner can't cope with letting it go. It's just not fair on the horse.

028Jacy 03-19-2012 04:47 AM

I would suggest you find a good vet and take some xrays and also talk about some different medications for arthritis you can give your horse. Such as previcox, pentosan, adequan, and also joint injections. Constant exercise will help your horse by keeping his blood flowing and preventing stiffness. How much exercise really depends on how advanced his arthritis is. My opinion on keeping horses with arthritis turned out 24/7 is I'd rather keep them turned out all day and bring them back in, in the evening. I would rather have them be confrontable and bed down in shavings then the ground. As far as oral joint supplements, most of them are just for preventative reasons and main not help your horse if his arthritis is already advanced. If you are going to start him on an oral supplement just make sure you do a lot research but I would still really suggest you look into previcox, pentosan, etc. Hope that helps : ) Also would is wrong with his hooves?

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