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chaz 03-18-2007 04:49 PM

What was your scariest,happiest horse moment?
What was your scariest,happiest horse moment?
My happiest was lying in the field against the mare i had at the time sun bathing against her. She just lay there with me. So much trust and just perfect. :)

Horse_love999 03-18-2007 05:03 PM

Scary, but kinda happy
My scariest horse moment was when, i just started ridng (when i ws like 7) and i was jumping with my pony, and wasnt very big only about 13.2hh and one of the other horses in the field started running, and kicking and bucking, i was scared out of my mind (ive never gotton taking off before). So i sate back and pulled as hard as i could on the reins, she was tuff she wasnt stopping, my trainer was standing there keeping me calm, everyone else just stopped ad watched. But then i just took a deep breath and sat deep in my seat. She Stopped. After that she never ever did that again. the arena was ruined though i felt kinda bad, but then kinda good. I miss her.

-chelsea- :D

meggymoo 03-22-2007 06:33 AM

My happiest moment, was seeing my daughter and Willow trotting around the arena on her own.
Baring in mind she is only four years old, and Willow is a 11.2hh pony!!!

:lol: Ahhh, so happy and proud!

bolly 03-22-2007 12:37 PM

Im one of those riders that will get on any horse and dont get easily scared. These are my funniest horse moments :-

1. I was riding this naughty pony for my friend bareback, and she was bolting round the indoor arena and everything. She had got me off 14 times that lesson, and i still got back on everytime! My friend asked me if i wanted a pole, and i stupidly said ok. And the pony got me off 6 more times! I was so determind!

2. I was riding boyce in the paddock, and as hes young, this was all new to him. Right next to our paddock one of the fields. i was trying to get boyce to jump, just trotting poles, which he had done many times before. He started rearing and flipping out, and bolted of into the field. Then after all his flipping out, i was still on amazingly! Got control of him, and calmly canterd back to the arena. After all that, he done the smallest rear ever, and i fell off!

Well, those were my funniest moments! lol x

kristy 03-22-2007 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by meggymoo
My happiest moment, was seeing my daughter and Willow trotting around the arena on her own.
Baring in mind she is only four years old, and Willow is a 11.2hh pony!!!

:lol: Ahhh, so happy and proud!

Awww! :wink:

This is not the scariest nor the happiest moment I've ever had, but it was a scary.. and happy moment.
When I first got my horse I literally had probably 7 lessons under my belt. I was NEW to riding, and my horse was SPIRITED. I was flung off of that horse countless times. :lol: I've toughened up so much because of him. Anyway, I was approaching a jump one day and my horse stumbled. I was in mid-post and flew over his shoulders landing directly under his feet. He ended up trampling my hand. The happy aspect was as soon as I hit the ground, he stopped, backed and lowered his head. Normally he'd gallop off into the pasture on his merry little way, but he waited for me this time. I had a horse shoe shaped bruise on my entire hand, but it was worth it.

Another time, I was leading my horse up to the barn from the pasture. He was following me so I didn't even have a lead attached. I noticed the gait leading out of the pasture to the ROAD was open. I glanced back and forth from my horse to the gait. He caught on, eyed the gait and darted out of the pasture. I had to chase him down the road. I was so angry and frustrated because he was always behaving naughty. Once I retrieved him, I gave him a good smack and sat down in the isle. He was standing in the isle in front of me as well. I had my head lowered while feeling defeated. As I was sitting on the bench, I noticed him creeping towards me, very slowly. He eventually ended up with his gigantic head on my shoulder. I seemed so tiny compared to him. I'm such a sucker.

Kiki 03-26-2007 11:48 PM

Best moment #1 was when I came back from a three week holiday and Dana sees me and comes bolting up the feild. Then later on we doze off together in the sun her head on my lap

Best moment #2 is the first time I jumped. Talk about flying!!! Then she nearly went through a fence seen journal for details

showpony@heart 04-02-2007 12:03 AM

Best moment was in 2004- me and Sary when we got 2nd in his ridden welsh gelding at the Sydney Royal Easter Show......

and the other is everyday when i go to feed him he whinnies at me- it always makes me smile no matter what!

Scariest moment was i went to where Sary is agisted with my mom and he wasn't breathing properly and he lost all his control over his backend his muscles were loose and he didn't have any control, i thought he was bitten by a snake or something. We shoved a hose down his throat in case he was choking but it didn't do anything- the vet was on his way. Anyway it turned out he waas choking on a big piece of a mineral block- he had bitten a huge chunk out of it and it was lodged in his throat! But he swallowed it and was fine!

Willielove 04-02-2007 04:04 PM

Scariest was being thrown from a gallop, fractured my wrist.

Happiest was gaining my confidence back in jumping.

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