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Klassic Superstar 03-19-2012 11:59 PM

First car accident and nasty concussion, today just sucked!
Wasn't planning on spending all day in the ER today after my first day of driving (just passed my written to get my driver license after a year without a permit)

At 830 this morning I was sitting at a dead stop in morning traffic in my way into work with my mom and suddenly got blasted from behind from a dumb driver going like 40mph.

Long story short cause us to ram into the car in front of us sending that car into another car! Car is totaled, I have a nasty concussion, bruised body and shoulder is throbbing, the tramadol isn't doing anything for the pain:evil:

My mom has whiplash pretty good. but we are going to be okay. My head went into the steering wheel and yes we were wearing our seat belts.

Dude who hit us has everyone looking for him:twisted: he fled the scene after with two kids in the car, from what I saw he didn't check the kids, could have cared less about what happened to his car. I got his plate number while he was driving away. Not only did he hurt us but the person he made me smash I to was pregnant!!!!! I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it and feel just so guilty!

So the cops, insurance and rental car company is out looking for him for the info, hit and run and all that!

Found out at 5tonight the car he hit us with was a rental car....

Ugh today was so not my day
My head is throbbing still
My shoulder is killing me
My ribs ache every time a breath

Dude getting **** sued out of him!!:evil:

VT Trail Trotters 03-20-2012 12:02 AM

Kassic im glad you dont have any really serious injuries! But i gotta agree your pretty messed up right now, i hope you feel better soon. Constant pain is never fun i know what its like.

Klassic Superstar 03-20-2012 12:10 AM

Thanks I passed out asleep four times in the ER waiting for then to take me to exrays and after that for results, keep forgetting what I'm talking about in the midle of a conversation and forget words I know that i want to say. It so frustrating I feel like an old person. It's taking me forever to type correctly and I have a paper to right. I'm so dizzy.


VT Trail Trotters 03-20-2012 12:13 AM

Your welcome, well you were in a pretty bad crash your in lots of pain so your not gonna think strait, try to relax.

Klassic Superstar 03-20-2012 09:00 AM

Well last night wasn't fun
Woke up hella
Boyfriend kept calling me to check on me and asking me questions
Everytimes I wake up the room feels like is spinning hella hard and my writers started killing me in the middle of the night

This blows so much
I feel like I'm dying ugh

DuffyDuck 03-20-2012 09:07 AM

No riding for you! Or moving! Stay in bed!!

Hope you feel better soon and they catch that a$$

COWCHICK77 03-20-2012 09:08 AM

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Wow, that sucks....I hope you get better soon!

Klassic Superstar 03-21-2012 12:56 AM

Thanks guys
Today I missed my last final, getting a doctors note for both classes, there was just no way I could have done two papers and a 6 chapter test.
Woke up with dizziness and eyes hurting. Got sick on the way into school, had to try to go in. Then had my boyfriend come get me and got sick on the way home.

Got home and have just been sleeping now for 8 hours
Boyfriend is bringing me dinner, he's so good and sweet I love him so much.
Officially on spring break until April 2nd so time to rest up.

No working at the barn this weekend
No riding
No car to even go out to the barn

Feeling a little better but still have a killer headache

TaMMa89 03-22-2012 04:43 PM

I'm sorry that you had to go through this. Wishing you speedy recovery and it's great to hear that you didn't hurt yourself worse.

Also I was in a car accident few weeks ago. No physical injuries but the situation was very scary. I feel for you.

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