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MichaelaHLee 03-20-2012 11:00 PM

A pesky fetlock...
About a month ago, my 15 y.o. oldenburg mare had a swollen fetlock on her LH... I thought she may have had a new windpuff brewing (she has one on each hind leg, but has had them for years and they have never bothered her). It exhibited many similar signs... it was warm, localized, and she was not tender nor lame on it. The fluid felt like it may have been localized to the tendon sheath, but it was hard to tell. I cold hosed that night and wrapped and poulticed her leg each night for 3 nights and gave her 3 days off from work.The swelling went down a little and she seemed her normal happy self.

After a week, I decided it was not a windpuff as the swelling changed -- when I worked her, it went down. Not completely gone, but significantly down. She is back in normal work -- riding 5 days a week, 2 of those days are jumping. I have flexed her & palpated her and cannot get any pain reaction. (which is good, I suppose!) It is localized to her fetlock, so she isn't just "stocked up". There are no signs of anything being amiss aside from the edema...

My vet is coming on the 29th to do her teeth so she is going to look at her fetlock as well, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar???

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