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RaiRaiNY 03-23-2012 07:32 AM

Interesting Night (kind of long, sort of a vent)
I had an interesting night with Snazzy last night, but first, the backstory to help you to understand...

Snazzy is a 17yr old registered AQH that I've been leasing for almost a year. She has a problem with her left eye that is still undiagnosed. She is obviously not seeing too well out of it, but the vet says it's definitely not cataracts. I will be buying her within the next few months, and am hoping to get a more straight answer from her vet. She gets spooky with shadows and light changes, but the more she trusts her rider, the less these things affect her.

We rode outside last night for the first time this year, in an arena with so-so outdoor lights. 3 other women from the barn were riding their horses, and Snazzy's owner D was riding a horse she's been working with for the last few months.

Snazzy did really well considering the light situation, and only semi-spooked once (started to trot off, lol). I rode for about 45 minutes and dismounted, as I have a lesson tonight. D got on for a bit (hasn't ridden her in at least a month), and Snazzy immediately spooked and bucked. She rode through it and she did it again. D decided the indoor was a better idea, and I walked inside with them, where she immediately did it again. Snazzy is known as the horse anyone can ride, she rarely gives anyone any problems and usually just does as she's told, and NEVER acts up for D. In fact, D has a knee problem and had to dismount because she was in too much pain.

I feel was so strange that she behaved for me but was difficult for her owner, maybe she's more strongly bonded to me now? If so, since I'm buying her that's a good thing, but still, I felt really bad, and I know D's feelings were hurt. Snazzy is her baby and she's devastated that she has to sell her, even though she said she'd only ever sell her to me.

I guess I'm just venting a bit, thanks for reading!

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