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busysmurf 03-23-2012 02:58 PM

OK, time to vent again
My plan for last night. Go to the barn and ride for a little bit, then come home and make cupcakes for J's school fundraiser. What happened, Hubby didn't want to watch the kids, so I stay home, bake the cupcakes AND draw a huge leprechun (for J's bday party). Told him tonight I have to go to the barn, go grocery shopping, and make a cake for the party. He wants to work late, so I'm taking the kids (which adds about 2-3 hours to whatever I need to do).

Here's what sent me over the edge... Tomorrow our 3 yr old starts parent/toddler swimming in the morning, I'll need to pick up the house(again), J (the older kid)has appts from 12:30 to 2:30, I'll need to decorate for the party, and the kids are showing up at 4:30 for a sleepover/party. Hubby just called and said his boss asked him to come in for 10 hrs tomorrow.:twisted::twisted::twisted::evil::evil::e vil::evil: I know he wants the OT, but tomorrow, really???

Cacowgirl 03-23-2012 03:21 PM

Oh, I know how it hurts to lose valuable "horse time". Hope the vent got a lot of it out.

FlyGap 03-23-2012 03:22 PM

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Mine works up to three weekends a month, no riding, no me time, nadda.
I feel sorry for my guy but he gets to take off during week days to do what he wants or needs. Ya know, him time...

I'd keep hub up and make him clean the house with you tonight. Mine wants to "hang out" tonight so he knows the house must be clean and the dinner cooked before there is any "hanging out" goin on! LOL!
Eww, you have to swim too in the morning!? Ugh, I hate pools! Save yourself some time and just buy a cake!
I hardly ever do cause they are gross, but my kid actually LIKES the cheap icing better!!!

Good luck on the party! Your kids birthday is tomorrow? The 24th? My girl's B-day is tomorrow too!! I rounded up four of her best friends and just took them to Build a bear last weekend. Too busy to get the nitty gritty cleaned up here for company! LOL! Spring Break birthdays are the worst to organize!
Happy Birthday to J!!

busysmurf 03-23-2012 09:02 PM

Thanks! Her bday is actually St. Pat's day, but her grandparents took her out that weekend. I actually feel bad for her, of the 4 she invited, only 1 is coming:( so I said I'd make her cake (it's an old family recipe) to try & make it up to her. Hubby is actually going to try & go in around midnight & be home by 8. But he has an hour commute each way, so we'll see how well that works
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FlyGap 03-24-2012 01:05 PM

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Hope you are hanging in there today!
Really terrible spring break birthdays!! Love St. Pats day though, that's AWESOME! Poor girl, Two girls cancelled on mine last week cause of SB, she was devastated.
Good Mama you are! Today is E's birthday and we don't have any plans... A ride on her horse and no chores, I was going to make her pancakes but I slept in! Poor girl! She was a doll and just watched cartoons till I arose from my coma! Oh well, we celebrated big time last weekend. I even forgot to get her something for today, I think I'll hand her a $20 and call it good, LOL!

Hope all goes well! You rock!

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