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garlicbunny 03-23-2012 08:17 PM

Allowing a young stud at our boarding facity
Just found our barn manager is allowing a 2yr. Stud at the facility. His testicles have not dropped yet. A fellow boarder asked her vet about it and she highly discoursed it. Something about the horse needs to have surgery to remove the testicles if they haven't dropped already. He has not ever been with geldings but will be kept in a small paddock by himself.
It is in the barn rules no studs or breeding of he needs more boarders. Myself and another boarder have the only 2mares. should we be concerned? Thank you in advance!

cowboy bowhunter 03-27-2012 05:42 PM

A 2 year old can breed a mare. But they can be gelded easy at any age. I try to geld under a year old.
If it is a well behaved stud colt you have nothing to be worryed about if not and it is one that will jump the fince to get to the mares i would be worryed.

kevinshorses 03-27-2012 05:46 PM

If neither testicle has dropped yet then he won't have viable sperm so he won't get a mare pregnant but he CAN raise hell trying and he WILL try. If it were me I'd tolerate it until there started to be a problem and then I'd tell the BO it's either him or me and I'd be prepared to leave.

garlicbunny 03-27-2012 06:56 PM

Thanks to you both! He went out today to be gelded...also one was dropped and one was up inside. What a relief as I have a young mare and another boarder was concerned because she has the only other mare that was used as a broodmare and got pregnant the last time because she broke out and got to the stud. thanks again!

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