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momiwantapony 03-23-2012 08:19 PM

Worried about riding colt enough after training
I am currently sending my four yeard old quarter horse mare off for training.
i am worried because I have a very young child and will only be able to ride her twice a week after she comes back.

She is a very smart mare, and has remembered her ground work training perfectly even after seven months off. It was like only a day went by to her.

Am I asking for disaster and wasting my money? Help or suggestions please?

beau159 03-24-2012 12:52 PM

It depends on the horse.

Some horses need every day riding to keep them focuses and listening.

Some horses you can jump on after a year of no riding, and it's like you rode them yesterday.

In general, younger horses need consistent riding at least 3 times a week, which makes sense because as they are learning, they need to continually build on their knowledge and training until you have a finished horse that is 100% broke to ride.

It's encouraging that she remembered all her ground work well, after time off. But no one can predict how much riding she is going to need to "maintain" her professinal training.

I will say though, it would be better for her as a 4-year-old to get some professional training now while she is younger, than if you just let her sit around for a couple more years doing nothing. Because then at least she'll have had something done.

NorthernMama 03-24-2012 02:11 PM

So the mare is the horse in question? or is it another horse -- the colt mentioned in the subject line?

mare = female
colt = male

palominolover 03-24-2012 08:40 PM

I think the best option for your mare(???) would be to sell her. Most young horses need consistent training. It wouldn't be fair to your horse.

COWCHICK77 03-24-2012 08:46 PM

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Like above mentioned, depends on your filly...and what you do with the time your on her.

CLaPorte432 03-24-2012 08:57 PM

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When I get mine back from a trainer, I ride 4-6 days a week for at least another month or two. And then I can drop them down to 3-4 days per week after that if I want. If I spent the money on training, I'm not going to let my horse sit in a field and forget what I just put into them.

Yes it depends on the horse, but having a young, green horse with limited time, usually doesn't end well. I also would suggest selling this particular horse, and getting something older and reliable under saddle that can sit for months at a time and still behave the same way as a horse that's consistently ridden when you do want to ride.

momiwantapony 03-25-2012 11:31 AM

sorry my horse is a four year old filly that i purchased as a yearling.
thank you all very much for your input. i may see if i can find a friend to help me with the riding.
thanks again

bsms 03-25-2012 11:44 AM

I had an Arabian mare who was broken at 6. I rode her 2-3 times a week after that, and we were both green...very green. But she was a sweet, willing horse. Then I let her sit for a few months, got back on and...she was still a sweet, willing mare who had remembered everything. She had lost some conditioning, but it came back quick enough.

OTOH, I have a spooky mare who really does best ridden daily, if possible. It isn't that she forgets over time, but she is calmer and less spooky with regular riding. In her case, it isn't so much the total time riding as the frequency - better to ride her 15 min 5 times a week than 2 hours once a week. She needs the routine.

So I guess I'm in the 'it depends on the horse' category.

Thyme 03-25-2012 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by momiwantapony (Post 1423262)
sorry my horse is a four year old filly that i purchased as a yearling.
thank you all very much for your input. i may see if i can find a friend to help me with the riding.
thanks again

Thats what I was going to suggest! You can always ask a friend or an experienced person itching to ride to help you out and ride her

Like already mentioned it really depends

I have a quarter horse mare that would act like she had never been ridden before if you gave her too much time off

But then again I have her son and he just starts getting really really lazy with time off

and then I have my appaloosa who has no since of time she just had 5 months off and I just jumped on and road down the beach no issues

good luck!

LynnF 03-25-2012 11:49 AM

Have you considered a partial lease of this mare? In my opinion a green horse needs more than 2 days a week to maintain what they have been taught and progress in their training. But instead of selling her why not see if you can find somebody to ride her on the days you can't? I would be quite picky and watch whoever you get ride before you just hand them your horse, you would want somebody who knows how to ride green horses and that rides similar to you to keep her training consistant but this may be a better option than selling her.

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