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CQTAN 03-23-2012 11:16 PM

Concerned- ulcers and other health related issues.
Ok so today i was out spending some time with my gelding and it occured to me that him, I should do what I think is an over all owner assesment of his health and everything else - make a list and attack the issues I see as best I can, then gain vet advice for the others that I dont know how to treat or have major concerns for. This is what I found (ultra detailed so that you know what I am possibly talking about and can offer sugesstions).

1. His fecal matter is quite runny. I have been keeping an eye on this since the day I purchased him to notice the changes that happen and surrounding his diet. Since taking him off all suppliments(grain,pellets,mill run/mix etc) i have noticed that he has gotten really sloopyish(pardon). It doesnt hold much shape so to speak and is a hyper green colour. Is this something to be worried about ? He kicks as his belly a little but mostly due to flies. Would it be beneficial to start him on some sort of feed that helps with ulcers or digestive issues?

2. The front foot that got bitten or bumped has since healed but has left him a little swollen. He walks a little awkward on it and doesnt seem to be willing to ''keep up'' when leading him. He doesnt seem in pain when I pick his foot up or clean it out, but there is heat in his hoof - not a great deal though. Also it sounds very hollow when tapped with my knuckle. There are no sore spots that I have found as yet. Any advice to reduce swelling and aid in supporting his hoof?...i am going to be calling a farrier out soon as his feet need triming . Could it be possible that being an ott that he may need to be given time to adjust to no shoes or that it would be better for him to be re-shod?

3. one last thing about his feet - his front hooves look ultra white when cleaned out .......they dont smell too bad or look to bad but his frog is a little on the jagged side. He is also chipping away on all four of his hooves now...instead of just his back ones, Any suggestions there?

rubyhorse 03-24-2012 08:23 PM

I can help you with #1. Sometimes horses fecal matter can get sloppy for many reasons. It could be due to worms or if you have just dewormed them. It could also be due to the nice green rich grass that is now coming in. With ulcers, it can be due to very hard workout or due to him being a prone colicer. Digestive supplements help food being passed through his system. It wouldn't hurt to start him on one, but I would call your vet and get his/her advice FIRST before you start anything.

CLaPorte432 03-24-2012 08:31 PM

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When was the last time his feet were trimmed? It sounds like his feet are too long and that's why they are all chipping.

The loose stools could be from worms or from the new grass that's coming in. Could be due to stress or another under-lying issue.

Thoroughbreds and prone for ulcers. I'd suggest talking with your vet, they will be better able to assist you and give you some real answers instead of "what ifs"...

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