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Katee 03-24-2012 01:43 AM

Experiences purchasing from auctions/critique this mare?
I'd mostly just like to hear about others' experiences with this and then ask a few questions.

To preface, this is basically a fantasy as this particular auction is Sunday and I don't feel informed enough about the process, nor do I have shipping arranged to bring a horse home in that amount of time. I also feel I should acknowledge that I'm aware of the risks of purchasing from an auction - especially out of state, site-unseen. Soundness issues, behavioral issues covered by medication, etc. I would like to hear about anyone's experiences who has previously purchased a horse from an auction though.

Cochran Auctioneers & Associates LTD This is the auction that was brought to my attention that has me curious. I was interested in horse #9, a black 6 year old mare, tb/warmblood cross. The current photos listed of her are:

Opinions about her conformation? How much would you expect a mare of this breeding/age/condition/etc go for at auction, generally speaking? How large of a task would it be to bring a horse like this around as a re-training project? I've no idea what her training background is or if she was being used strictly as a broodmare, or what, but I have previously owned two geldings off the track, one of them a fresh three year old; so I'm familiar with what to expect from a young, green horse who needs a lot of time and patience to build a solid foundation.

Doing a search with the her given name, I found this page as well:
Nadia VT She looks like she was once quite lovely to me, with a family history of successful sport horses. My last tb gelding was a Roberto grandson, and my old instructor's last two eventing horses also had Roberto lines, so that seems promising.

Just looking for stories, opinions, and dreaming away over here! I hope I posted this in an appropriate section of the forum.

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