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HarleyWood 03-24-2012 05:08 PM

Sliding stop?
how to get a horse to do a sliding stop? my gelding will stop right away from a canter to a stand still. but its bumpy and rough. hes very good undersaddle and in hand just would like a slidingn stop out of him. any advice?

COWCHICK77 03-24-2012 06:16 PM

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If it s bumpy and rough it sounds like he might be dumping his front end.

There is another thread that was started today about sliding stops...forgot already where it is posted at.
Anyhow smrobs posted a video from Youtube by Larry Trocha that is a good explanation. Also try searching on Youtube for "first steps to a great stop Les Vogt". I thought it was also a good video. It shows him teaching cowboys, not reining horses how to stop. Shows the mistakes as well.
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HarleyWood 03-24-2012 07:13 PM

Thank you ill look it up.
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jagman6201 03-30-2012 12:27 AM

You won't get a real SLIDING stop like you'd see in a reiner without sliding plates on. Bare feet and normal keg shoes have too much friction. :)

If you want a smooth downward transition, work on timing and your horse being relaxed into the stop. A horse that is tense and has a hollow back is going to have a tense, rough transition. Where as a horse that is relaxed - and is cued at the correct moment in their stride where they can confidently "break down" from the lope into a halt will have a smooth, comfortable stop.

Think about getting your horse truly in tune with your breathing and learn how to control your body independently from your horses movement so when you ask for the stop, you can halt your "go forward" movement and think about this - "1, 2, 3," breath out and verbal command "whoa". If your horse doesn't break down to the halt, quietly but confidently ask for the whoa with your reins and ask for a few strides of back up. The back doesn't need to be fast or harsh, just to keep your horses muscles loose and moving so when your horse learns that a whoa doesn't mean for him/her to lock their muscles and freeze! Also, teach your horse this at the walk and trot before applying to the lope! That's not fair to him/her!

Hope that helps some. :)

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