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HopeHillLady 03-24-2012 11:59 PM

Is it unusual for a healthy 6 year old mare to be showing no signs of Estrus yet '12
My 6 year old registered Gypsy Mare who had a foal 2 years ago, is not "bothering" the almost three year old stallion Gypsy colt that is in the pasture with her. The other mare has been in and out of Estrus a couple times and he won't leave her alone. I would not be upset as someone has commissioned me to breed a foal for her next spring and I am sure she would be thrilled to have it sooner if I were to find out that that was the case, but last year he did not cover her to my knowledge. The other Gypsy in the pasture has had a cerclage because she was infecting herself and so she is out of commision and I usually have them separated for her sake. But today he would not leave her alone and she was kicking him from here to breakfast.... but my "open" mare he never bothered. (Obviously first thing in the morning I need to separate the Older mare and Stallion.) I know that if my 6 year old is pregnant he would ignore her so I wondered if I should take her in and have an ultrasound done before I make any more plans about when to breed her for next year. Thanks HopeHillLady

P/s I was wondering if anyone is familiar with having the procedure of opening a cerclage done .... how long to heal and such?? thx

cowgirl928 03-26-2012 06:44 PM

Maybe have your vet to a check for her cycle. Or maybe she's already bred when you weren't looking and that's why. Either way, the only real medically correct answer you are going to receive is from a vet who can do tests.

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