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jasir18 03-19-2007 10:06 AM

How to build up muscles?
I am the proud owner of a 17 yr old Ex-Racer (Trotter). I only had him for 3 days now. Jasir is a lovley horse. A life-insurance on a hack. He really is not scared of anything (even the tanks that went by today did not bother him).

So now my question. How can i gently build up his muscles? He has been off the racetrack for 6 yrs now but never really been trained properly. He is very stiff on his right side! I dont ride him at the moment we just go for long walks and I loose school him. I dont wanna overdo it with him coz he had quiet a horrid life so far!

Any suggestion?

krissy+ Jasir

ktmott 03-19-2007 11:44 AM

walking is good for muscle build up, when you ride him out go up and down lots of hills with him, also you could try feeding him some conditioning feed to help build up his muscles

kristy 03-19-2007 03:05 PM

Go easy with him and work slowly. I suggest trotting up hill, walking down hill, transitions, cavalettis, small jumps, and a lot of flexion. Be careful with the amount of circles you do when flexing. Circles are quite hard on a horse's joints, especially an older horse off the track. If you have a field, try flexing on a very large circle. If you do not, try flexing everywhere including the sides and corners on the arena.

Horse_love999 03-20-2007 05:02 PM

i had the same thing with the horse, he wasnt very built so try to slowley and easily work him for about 25- 30mins dont over work him.


pantha1 03-21-2007 02:34 AM


You say he is stiff on the right side, I would consider getting him vet checked, then finding a physio, he may need some work on his muscle, god knows what they did to him on the track, he may be out on that side.

If he appears sore in any particular spot you could rub white viniger on it, don't rub on cuts) this will help ease soreness and tension.

I would also get his teeth checked, and has he been wormed.

The other thing prone to ex race horses is rolled fetlocks, this is where the fetlock roll out or in, in all gaits. I would ask a vet, or a farrier.

As far as building up muscles this takes time, work and good feed, but if i where you I would suggest you considering doing as i said.
you don't want this horse coming down on you while you r riding

Hope this helps

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