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nicole25 03-25-2012 12:26 PM

Is It Wrong?
I have been leasing my horse for almost a year now. The girl I am leasing him from is never heard from or seen. I am in charge of his full care basically. I have to notify her if something happens to him. Thats about it. Well she randomly showed up at the barn the other day and pulled his mane super short, clipped his whiskers, and gave him this huge bridle path. I am talking like over six inches huge for no reason. I asked her about it and she said the bridle path was big for shows (she hasnt showed him in years if ever at all) and she said the mane was so it can be braided for shows. (again hasnt showed and its so short it stands up and cant be braided.) I was letting his mane grow because I loved how it looked and was keeping his bridle path clipped to about an inch where the bridle sits and i just trimmed his winter whiskers. Is it wrong that I am sorta upset and pissed that she just randomly showed up and did this? I know its not my horse and that kinda thing but he is in my full care and even my BO agreed that I should be the one that controls his mane situation because I am the one taking care of him. Any thoughts?

BooBear 03-25-2012 12:31 PM

I wouldn't say it's wrong that you feel that way at all. I mean, you're paying her for the use of this horse. While technically it's still hers and she has ultimate say in everything, she should have at least consulted you before making such drastic changes. From the sounds of it, it sounds like she wants to start showing him, which means more time with him, which could interfere with the terms of your lease, and therefore the money you give her. Bad move on her part, I'd say.

caseymyhorserocks 03-25-2012 12:55 PM

You should have a signed contract saying that you have access to this horse however many days this week (or whenever you want to) and if the horses owner can come and ride the horse. Obviously you can't stop the owner from visiting, but you and the horse's owner should have discussed on whether she can groom and do changes to the horse themselves. BUT, if you and the owner have not discussed and signed a contract about this sort of stuff, no, you do not have control over what she does with her horse.

palominolover 03-25-2012 01:15 PM

Ultimately SHE owns him. There is nothing you can do, unless you have a written contract she can pretty much take care of the horse however she wants as long as she is not abusing him.

Country Woman 03-25-2012 01:19 PM

She should have at least let you know what she was planning to do
Good luck in the future

FreeDestiny 03-25-2012 01:23 PM

I'm going to have to agree with others, ultimately its her horse which sucks in your situation! :(

I'd also like to add that maybe she was waiting for you to erm....train her horse for her. I hope I don't offend you, but if this horse had a bug she couldn't fix, didn't carry his head all purdy, didn't pick up a certain lead, etc....she could have simply thought someone willing to lease her horse was easy money and free training until she was satisfied.
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Speed Racer 03-25-2012 01:25 PM

What does your written lease agreement state? If you don't have one, get one.

Ultimately, this is her horse. She can shave him bald and paint purple spots on him if she wants to.

If you're upset, you can always stop leasing the horse.

nicole25 03-25-2012 02:53 PM

We have a contract have had one since the lease started. She does stuff like this all the time. Won't show up for months and then will appear and make a drastic change. This time was his mane. Last time was his feed. If the lease wasn't a free lease where I pay board only and care I would have made a bigger deal to her. As for her riding. She doesn't ride him. Hasn't since summer so I doubt she will be showing anytime soon.
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With Grace 03-25-2012 06:41 PM

Sounds like she shows up randomly to "mark her territory". Not much you can do about it unless you change your contract, or at least have a chat with her about your expectations as a lessee.

I'm sorry this happened..I lease as well and would be quite upset if something drastic like that happened. I'm pretty lucky in that her owner asks my opinion on that stuff, since I show his mare.

nicole25 03-25-2012 07:07 PM

That's exactly what my mom said With Grace. Just a rock and a hard place I gues
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