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SmallTownGypsy 03-25-2012 03:13 PM

Parking Out Help Needed
Hey, everyone,
So I had watched some video by Charles Wilhelm about the foundations of trick training. It seemed simple enough. He didn't cover advanced tricks, just how to prepare your horse to do some things and how to realize that even simple things can be tricks.
I was told when I bought Lily that she had been learning to bow. I learned from the video that teaching your horse to park out leads to teaching them to bow.
So out I headed with the halter, lead rope, and long whip (as a teaching aid, not a tool of cruelty). I get her out and we do some leading exercises and work on her responding to the forward cue and backup cue. She backs up without any issue. When she goes forward and stops, she keeps trying to face me, rather than let me stand at her shoulder. But she did it successfully a few times so we moved on.
We stopped and I backed her up a couple steps and then started tapping the backs of her front leg, asking for a step. Nothing. After twenty minutes and two hissy fits (her's, not mine) just trying to get this horse to step forward I knew it was not happening. I had tried varying degrees of pressure and tapping on the backs of her legs. I had tried forward pressure on the halter. I had tried setting her foot forward after picking it up. Nothing worked and I swear it seemed like her body was leaning back. Even though I didn't have pressure against her, it just seemed like she was leaning back as if there was a rope pulling her forward and she was saying no and digging her feet in.
I did a few of the things she was good at and then put her in her stall. I let her out shortly after. I came inside to look up "How to teach a horse to park out," but it was all the same. "Tap the back of the front legs until the horse moves that leg." And in every video the horse would move its leg. No one mentions what to do if that doesn't work.
I assumed she would have an idea about what to do sense she had started learning this earlier. I unfortunately don't have a round pen to work her in (trust me, I wanted to). Are there any suggestions? Anyone else have a horse that just flat-out refused to move its leg away from pressure? I feel at a loss and quite discouraged, but I do not want to let her win on this.

Ladytrails 03-25-2012 03:18 PM

Subbing - I have the same problem! If she moves her front feet forward, she brings her hind feet up to stay square.

SmallTownGypsy 03-25-2012 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by Ladytrails (Post 1423514)
Subbing - I have the same problem! If she moves her front feet forward, she brings her hind feet up to stay square.

With her having most of her weight on her back legs, she would move one of her back legs before she ever moved a front leg. :(

Hopefully, someone will be able to help us. {looks around} Hopefully. lol

KissTheRing 03-25-2012 03:59 PM

I'm having this learning block with my yearling! With my past projects I've learned it takes two people. One must hold the head high with a slight pressure forward, The other has to tap the front legs.

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