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BlueSpark 03-25-2012 11:04 PM

My new Girl!
I had a thread about searching for a new trail horse, and here she is! her name is Regal Ladybird, barn name 'Lady', a registered arabian, She was kept out with the cows for three years, brought in when her owner wanted to go hunting in the mountains. She's not very big, but she managed to pack a big guy, a huge western stock saddle, plus rifle, saddle bags, etc. Must have totalled nearly 300lb, through the mountains leading a pack horse so she seems pretty tough. The goal is to have a great trail horse that I can lead the begginers on the trails with, but who can also get out and go when I ride with experienced riders.

So far she gets really anxious in the barn(I doubt shes been in one for many years), and if tied in the barn will bounce up and down, wanting to be out, earning her the nick name grass hopper:shock:. I don't think it will take her long to realize its a friendly place. She is fiesty and one of the most vocal horses I've ever seen, when you talk to her she talks back:lol:

Her feet were too long and reallty needed a trim. Here are a couple before and after pics. She is going to be getting dewormed, and will be getting into regular work when the footing dries up.

waresbear 03-25-2012 11:06 PM

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Congrats! She is a nice looking horse. Enjoy, won't be long & I will expect pics of your trail ride adventures.

hoofprintonmyheart 03-25-2012 11:55 PM

She looks awesome! Have fun with her!

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