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Klassic Superstar 03-27-2012 01:33 PM

I dont think my soring break could get any worse. Could use a online hug :(
Okay so some of you know last monday I was in a pretty bad care accident. short or thye long story: wasnt my fault, was stopped in traffic on the freeway and was reaened VERY VERY hard (didnt see it comming) and was smashed into the two cars in front of me. Car is done for. I hit my head really hard giving me a bad concussion. I jammed my back up really good too.

So with that being said and it being over a week and I am still on alotof pain, the tramadol they gave me just makes me so light headed and I cant feel it does anything for the pain.

So I went to the doctor today to fallow up and see if i could get answers on my back pain. Pretty much wasted my time.

The doctor took not even 10 minutes to esses me I dont know if it was even a full 5 mins! He told me everyone is different and to try massage work. this after me telling him my back pain on a scale from 1-10 is constiantly 6-8 and it hurt when he touched me lightly on the back.

Then he started to walk out and I was like um i still want to talk to you about my concussion and how long I should not be riding my horse as its a high risk thing. I told me I havea young horse who is still learning alot. I explained I was told I have a bad concussion and i dont feel comfortable riding anytime soon but what did he think in his medical profession would be a safe amount of time for me to wait to get back on. his reply...just get off when you get dizzy :evil: No **** DOC. I was told by the Urgent care doctor I cant hit my head or sustaina 2nd concussion onto of this one in the next 16 months. So Of course Im running high risk getting on Ollie who is just turning 6, is very green and still has baby antics. Any and all horse back riding comes with risk, my friend was killed by her horse rearing from astandstill while she was on and had a helmet on and died 4 days later. Christmas of 2010 I had a concussion from my litttle TB mare who reared adn bashed me 4 times in the head.

So I am worried and frustrated with this whole thing.

Then yesterday get a call from the barn owner that Klassy, my last horse (TB MARE) is at.....I met the barn owner once. Have talked and hung out tons with the gal I sold her to just havnt talked to her anytime recently.

"your friend abandonded Klassy here"
Turns out she hasnt been there in two months
hasnt paid board in two months
her phone is off

Would I like to go get the mare yes of course. Can I no. I dont have the money or the time for a 2nd horse. My trainer doesnt have the room. The mare is a good smart girl but needs training (beyond my level of expertice) I cant affored to put her in training. SO hopefully The barn owner gets ahold of the TB rescue I told her about.

Im like wiating fro the next thing to happen. cause of the care accident I have:

1. missed both finals for winter quarter
2. Have no car did get a rental and probably getting a 2012 subaru forester ina lease to buy deal in the next few weeks :)
4. Cant ride from the concussion and back pain
5.Cant work from the concussion and back pain
6. Cant enjoy the nice weather that we have finally been having cause the sun makes me so dizzy


i hope the guy who it me goes to jail, it was a hit and run.

End of rant sorry
This week has just been alot on me and the pain isnt helping.

cakemom 03-27-2012 01:43 PM

Here's a cyber hug. That rotts about the mare, how can people do that?
Be careful, work on ground work for a while and allow your trainer to ride Ollie.
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kait18 03-27-2012 01:51 PM

cyber hug ..feel better

Cacowgirl 03-27-2012 03:32 PM

Another cyber hug coming your way-I hope they find the H & R driver-that really sucks. Your Dr. wasn't much help, either. Hope things get better for you & soon.It is a shame to miss out on the nice weather. We are just starting to warm up a bit here, too. Hope your healing progresses a bit faster for you.

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