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GoldZipps 03-27-2012 10:15 PM

buddy sour help..
Hey everyone! I'm new, and was reading all of the helpful comments and thought some of y'all could give me a little insight on what to do with my horses. I have 2 horses, both are great riding horses. Do very well when I'm riding them, neither pay attention to the other when riding. BUT when I'm riding one, the other that is in the stall paces, rears and tries to push thru the panels or tear my barn down. I placed one in a different pasture and she worked herself into a lather of sweat. I've rode out of site n i can hear the banging from where I was so I had to go back. Obviously its not going to work itself out. Thought about buying another horse to maybe even it out, but unfortunately I don't want to push my 3 acres to over graze. And Im the only one that rides so 3s a crowd! Let me add also these guys I believe hang around each other due to herd instinct and do not give another choice, because my gelding hates my mare...thanks everyone in advance, I'm just at wits end and would love to ride to the river sometime in my lifetime with out worries :D

calicokatt 03-27-2012 11:03 PM

Very short, very frequent separations should help. Ride out of sight, ride right back, repeat, keep repeating until its a non issue, may take several days, or more. Once that's a go, increase the time by a minute or two. Once you can be gone from sight for several minutes, have a friend hang out at the barn and go for a little longer. Most of my horses race around like freaks when I leave, but quit within a few minutes of me being gone.

GoldZipps 03-27-2012 11:45 PM

I have done that, I hard to say, I feel as if i am rewarding them by coming back. But I did it for a few weeks, now I am working each horse behind the barn to try that "out of site n out of mind " thing...didn't work too well tonite. I even tried tying them up, my mare worked herself in a lather just by standing n now my gelding has an issue pulling back because of it, seems like I'm getting no where. Any more ideas? Thank you for your input.

SlideStop 03-28-2012 08:16 AM

I think your making the problem worse by not being gone long enough to let her clam down. You are letting the anxiety build and build and build then rewarding. Instead of short separations where she can say "oh, he is only going for a walk around the barn. He will be right back, no worries" or a long separation where she just can't fight it anymore. When we separate buddy sour horses it usually take 3-24+ hours plus to settle down. Not that they are running the whole time, but just calling a lot.

I think they best bet for you would be to tire her out (lunge/ride), cool her out, stick some boots on her and put her outside by herself. Grab a chair and a good book and ride it it. If you think she is getting to crazy take her out walk her and hose her and she goes right back out alone. Eventually she will settle down, she can't keep at it forever.
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94broncoxlt 03-31-2012 04:45 AM

This is sooo not the way to 'better horsemanship' or any form of proper training but you could always get a goat :). Yes, he/she will happily eat your weeds, be a great companion when one horse is separated from the other, and is a character to boot! Although you must consider they need good fencing and occasionally chew tails.

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