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RhondaLynn 03-28-2012 12:33 PM

Cow like poop!
I have a fairly new horse who has always had runny poop. It will be better then worse. Let me give you some background.

She is 3 almost 4 years, she is a TWH. She has been in the pasture with another mare and a gelding. She is LOW man in the pecking order. She is bullied some.

When she is in the pasture I have seen regular poop, but when she is in the stall eating or we trail ride she poops A LOT and it is very runny like a cow. We got her some probotics thinking the flora in ther gut was off, but she has finished up the container of probotics and the runny poop was just as bad this past Saturday riding the trails.

We sold the bossy mare and now this young mare is fairly equal in status to the gelding. She has been bullied like I said, but she will stand her ground when she is.. she is no pushover. She is the SWEETEST most affectionate mare. She does not seem in any ill health from the runny poop, in fact she drinks alot, in the pasture and every bit of water she comes across on the trail she has to at least taste. She is growing well, We have had her since the fall and she has gained some much needed weight. She looks GREAT now.

Any advise would be appreciated!


smokeslastspot 03-28-2012 04:45 PM

I had a mare similar to that once board at my barn. TWH mare, sweetest thing ever, low on the totem pole, very submissive. My three yr old TWH is actually her last foal.

If she was in the barn, trailer, or got exited in any way her poop got very watery but in the pasture she had normal poo. Tried all kinds of things, did blood work etc. The vets never could come up with a diagnosis of any kind and she never felt bad at all so they think she just has an exited/nervous gut. Hopefully you can figure something out :D

RoosHuman 03-28-2012 04:55 PM

I guess the first biggy would be a fecal worm count, just in case? Also, if she is new, maybe her system is adjusted to different hay/grass?

CLaPorte432 03-28-2012 05:07 PM

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1) UTD on deworming?
2) Spring grass is sprouting, likely to mess up horses systems
3) Nervousness can cause loose stools. Sounds like this could be the issue.
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RhondaLynn 03-29-2012 07:48 AM

Thanks for the reply! I also think it just may be a nervous gut! she is UTD on everything and I would really consideer it just lush grass if it had not been happening all winter.

I guess until she gets really comfortable trailriding and trailering she may just be this way.. I was just wanting some imput from other folks... THANKS!


Joe4d 03-29-2012 08:28 AM

my horse is kinda the opposite, he poops like that at home and on the local trails. Away from home or in the corral when he is eating only hay it firms up. I was thinking it is too much clover, I sprayed this spring to kill the clover but it doesnt seem like it did much. I might have sprayed too early. Got grass seed sewn in the front so really cant spray that again. I kinda quit worriing about it. Been going on a year now and horse seems fine. Vet thinks he's fine. doenst have worms.

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