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BarrelRacer3 03-31-2012 02:32 PM

Starting out to Winning
I'm just curious and want to know how someone would start from getting a horse training it on barrels then winning? I miss barrel racing so much but every horse I have ever owned was not meant for barrels racing. I started out with a 14 year old quarter horse mare she was used for a packing horse in Colorado and she has never had any speed in her she doesn't even lope barrels so she is my trail horse and a mama now :) ok so then I was looking for a barrel horse and my trainer (not anymore) had a horse that he was training on barrels for a few months well only to find out that she was abused and never rode accept those few months and the owner just threw a saddle on her broke her and went right to the barrels not even doing ground work with her and she was not a good barrel horse so sadly she was really aggressive I had to sell her :( So then I bought this sweet little three and a half year old gelding and the girl that owned him had raised him up properly he has ground manners and he is very good in the saddle I love him so much he does everything I ask of him:):) He is four and a half years old now and I want so badly for him to be my champion barrel horse in the future!!!!!!!! I want to start him right and do everything a champion does to win!!!!! I know it takes time, patience, responsibility, and most of all practice!!!! I have taken him to local rodeos and just rode him around in the arena before it starts to get him use to the sounds, sights, and ect.. and i have even taken him to horse shows and have done exbadition ride's at a walk and he does great!!! Can someone please help me out???? Thank you!!

Ian McDonald 03-31-2012 02:42 PM

Get that horse to where you can, in a plain snaffle bit, run your pattern and then drop your reins and *walk* out of the arena calm and these other chicks will start to dread seeing your trailer pull up because you'll be owning that sh*t.

BarrelRacingLvr 04-01-2012 12:42 AM

The horse must have the heart, want, & will for you to win on them. If they don't enjoy their job they are not going to give you 110% which you need to be successful.

Also the horse needs to have the proper foundation and correct training. Which means lots of slow work, patience, and be able to read your horse like a book. We take it slow with our horses and let them mature and speed up themselves. We start them on the pattern as 4yr olds (assuming of course they have the proper foundation and are ready to start on the pattern). Then as 5yr olds if they are ready we start letting them go their own pace and maybe asking them for a speed faster then a lope (if they are ready, also depends on the horse and if they can handle the pressure). As 6yr olds we start asking them more because by then they should have enough miles from hauling for at least 3yrs and know their job. It is not a process that happens fast....and if it does the horse usually shows holes at some point. You can always make a horse go faster, but it takes more back breaking work to slow them back down and fix what is broken.

But with my experience with training barrel horses and having prospects....I have a pretty good hunch of what my horses are going to be. Like my 7yr old and my mom knew he was something special the day he hit the ground. He just had that "presence" that when you were around him he was not like the other babies. While another colt he was nice....but he just didn't have the "spark" to him like JJ and he is around a 3d-4d barrel horse.

So there is a lot to know about horses in general to be able to "know" when a horse is going to be a winning gem in the herd.

I hope the above made sense is hard for me to explain it for some reason.

Lauren Woodard 04-01-2012 01:27 PM

Do what Ian said!

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