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corgi 03-31-2012 07:25 PM

Riding milestones
I am on cloud 9 and just wanted to share. I bought my first horse, Izzy, at the beginning of February. Since I brought her to her new home, we have gone through the typical "testing" phase but we have worked through it with weekly lessons. My confidence is finally where it needs to be and today we reached two riding milestones.

Izzy had her teeth floated yesterday. They hadn't been done in years and the vet had to take off some very sharp points and said she would be tender for a few days so I didn't want to put a bit in her mouth.

I have a rope halter with attachments for reins that I have been wanting to try but I have been too worried that I wouldn't have enough control. Today, I was feeling confident so I put it on her.

It was amazing!

She seemed to really like it. She was very responsive and I hardly had to touch the reins to get her to stop. I just sat deep and said "whoa" and she did. This is significant because a month ago, she was bolting for the barn every time I rode ner.

I even took her on a short trail ride behind the farm and she didn't try to run home. She walked back, briskly, but it was a walk!

She was being so cooperative that I decided to try something else I have been wanting to do. Bareback!

I have no idea if anyone has ever ridden her bareback before so I asked the barn owner/ trainer if she would gomin the round pen with me while I tried it. I wanted someone to be with me in case Izzy freaked out and I came off. I may be more confident now, but I am not fearless!

Other than a look of confusion when I mounted ( I could almost hear her say to herself, " first she rides me without a bit and now there is no saddle...this is strange.") she really didn't react. We rode slowly around the ring with no issues at all. I didn't ride her long..I just wanted to introduce her to the idea and plan on working up slowly to riding around the farm that way.

So, I hit two goals I had set for myself in one day and am so happy!

What riding milestones/ goals do you remember reaching the most? Or what goals are you working on?


Cinder 04-01-2012 04:19 PM

I remember when I "jumped" for the first time (really it was trotting over a LOW cross-rail, but to me it was jumping :lol:).

Right now I'm just starting to work on cantering over jumps.

Congrats and I hope you continue to reach milestones with her! :D

Prinella 04-01-2012 05:11 PM

Ella's first ride is a big one. We'd worked our bums off to get there!
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boots 04-01-2012 05:19 PM

Good for you! May you reach many more goals.

I still remember my first perfect landing while jumping. It took me too long to build the core strength I wanted, it seemed.

On a different vein, I remember the relief when I decided that I had absolutely no talent for vaulting/Roman riding even though so many of my friends were doing great things with that. :)

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