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Newatthis 03-31-2012 11:37 PM

Horse is getting picked on
I just bought myself a horse about a month ago, but him and husbands horse are having to stay at a friends house until we sell our property.

There are 3 other horses along with ours and mine has become bottom of the barrel. The other horses are picking on him all the time. If they walk towards him while he is eating he runs away, they chase him, bite him and kick him. The barn only has one stall and he FREAKS out bad when we put him in there.

We have had him there for over a month. How long until they stop picking on him so much? Or will it be on going until we move them? Should I be concerned? It's worse right now too because they have been in a corral for the last few days because with the snow melting the road way is too dangerous for them to be on at the moment it's VERY muddy so they have to stay in there until either some more snow melts or the roadway dries up a bit :(
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Country Woman 03-31-2012 11:39 PM

awe sorry that your horse is being picked on
hope this will stop soon

Country Woman 03-31-2012 11:39 PM

Welcome to the forum

Saskia 03-31-2012 11:51 PM

Make sure you are not making it worse.

Feeding 4 horses in a small yard together is a recipe for trouble. Instead, take the horses out of the paddock when feeding so they don't fight over food. Make sure the paddock is big enough for all the horses. If you have to feed in the paddock, separate the hay into five or so piles far apart, so your horse will always have something to eat without being in the "danger zone" of the other horse. If your horse is getting injured its sometimes worth putting a stiff canvas rug on them, although occasionally this can be more dangerous. It's your call.

Otherwise, horses have a hierarchical system, it will happen anywhere you go.

dbarabians 03-31-2012 11:55 PM

Being in such a small palce may be the biggest part of the problem.
You do not say how big the pen is. If it is less than an acre a horse they may be too crowded.
The horses are probalby still figuring out the dynamics of the herd.
Short of moving them there is not much you can do.
Seperating the horses then mixing them together again only prolongs the problem. The horses will reestablish the herd order every time they are placed togther.
It may be troubling for you to watch but they are just being horses. Shalom

Newatthis 04-01-2012 01:18 AM

He's not getting seriously injured I guess, just little nips enough to remove hair and being chased mainly. He doesn't even try and defend himself he just runs off. There is currently two round bales in there one on either side so he is eating. Also the pen isn't big enough for all of them its only about an acre but it's the only option at the moment because the mud is so thick and deep it's dangerous. I would much rather have a horse with a few chunks of hair missing then one with a broken leg.

I know they are just being horses, but I thought they would have it figured out by now. When we introduced tiny (my husbands Percheron) to them they all got along great within a few days. My guy is just being bullied. At what point do you start being concerned for a horse?

I would like to add the horses will be let out into their 20 acre pasture as soon as it's safe to do so. The roadway to the barn ( which is in the pasture) is very muddy right now and there's too much snow, the horses won't leave the roadway. Once some more snow melts and its safe they will be out again.
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cebee 04-01-2012 08:14 PM

I can totally relate! My boy was tormented all the time at our last barn..part of the problem was that the pasture was too small for 4 horses, and even tho the BO fed in at least 5 piles, the other horses just seemed to delight in chasing him away from them, away from the water, etc. While I knew they were just being horses, it still broke my heart. We moved to a new barn, my boys have a pasture to themselves and they get along great. I suspect my boy just was not good at picking up cues... the subtle " move!" signs that the others gave, until they took more drastic measures to 'move' him. ( he was the bottom of the totem pole at his previous owners too... he has always been the 'kick me' horse) I suspect he will be fine once you move him... no real suggestions.. but I feel for you!!

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