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my2geldings 07-18-2008 09:02 PM

*re-introduction* of everyone. Come and post!
Let's hear all those stories. Let's hear why and when you started searching for your horse. Tell us what you were looking for and how you ended up finding and choosing your horse(s). Post some pictures and post all the corny details!

Want to hear it all :D

3neighs 07-18-2008 09:21 PM

You first, M2G! :wink:

Solon 07-18-2008 09:39 PM

I always wanted a black draft horse. Every year I would wander around the draft horse barn at the county fair in a dream state just looking at all the different draft breeds. One year I was walking through and noticed a group of medieval people.

I listened to their talk but a big Percheron mare caught my attention and I just could stop staring at her. The lady giving the talk noticed and asked if I liked draft horses. I told her I'd been searching for one for a long time.

She let me go into the stall with the mare and she was just amazing. The lady watched me with her and then invited me to her house after the fair was over because she had a horse I might be interested in looking at.

The day I drove out was my birthday and she led me to a pasture with a 2 year old stallion and some geldings and mares. She couldn't catch Solon but as I watched him fly by me it was love at first sight. I bought him right then and there.

It took awhile for her to catch him. When she finally did he wanted NOTHING to do with me. I mean nothing. He hadn't been handled as much as she said he had. Got him gelded and moved to the stables.

He was a nightmare for nine months. It was horrible. He drug me all around the property and had no respect and couldn't care less about me. Then he got a really bad abscess and I had to come out and take care of him a few times a day. Everything changed after that.

He had a completely different attitude toward me and we've been like two peas in a pod ever sense.

This is our very first picture together in October of 1999.

Gingerrrrr 07-18-2008 10:36 PM

^ ^ AWW thats a cute story!

melinda27858 07-18-2008 10:45 PM

Me next! I have always loved horses! When I was young I either wanted to be an artist or a horse trainer. My parents never had the money for me to own a horse or take lessons, so I admired from afar and rode on very few occasions...and became an art teacher.
This past September, my husband and I were visiting a friend who had just acquired a quiet mare. We convinced my inexperienced husband to ride as we knew she wouldn't do more than a walk. He couldn't be happy with that, so he had her trot, lost his balance and jumped off smashing his wrist in the process. While he had three pins in his wrist and an external fixator bar with four of its own screws going through his bones, I told him I decided to take riding lessons....that was in October. He thought that was crazy, but when I decided in December that I wanted a horse and he thought I was even crazier.
I asked my instructor to help me find an older gelding to learn on. We looked at several horses, all of which were too crazy or too sore. Then one day after a lesson, she got a phone call from one of her friends who also trains...and they were talking about how slow the horse market was and that he still had Fella. And a lightbulb switched on.....she had put some finishing training on Fella a year prior, and liked him so much, she considered buying him to use for lessons. He was only four then, a lot younger than what I was interested in, but my instructor insisted she felt I could handle him. I said I would take a look at him, so his owner brought him to the barn and left him for the weekend for me to ride. When the owner came back the next week and saw my riding, he told me that Fella was not the horse for me, even though I liked him a lot (he reminded me of a little red headed boy that I taught this past year, who was sweet as pie and once he had you wrapped around his little finger, he would try something sneaky)! I ended up leasing him in January with the condition I would take lessons with him and after a month, the owner returned to watch me ride again and was so impressed with my improvement that he felt comfortable selling me his horse. How about that for an honest seller! So, at the age of 32, I am in my first year of horse ownership.

Gingerrrrr 07-18-2008 10:56 PM

okay ill tell you all about how i ended up with my 2 previous horses as i dont currently own a horse right now.

in December of 06 i suddenly had the reoccuring obbsession to get a horse. i bugged my parents day and night, night and day. i looked at in the local want ad and there i saw it, and ad for an 8 year old Quarter Horse/Appaloosa. i forced my dad to call and talk to the lady to get more info on him. he called and the next thing i know is that the next dayafter school i was going to see him. i was super excited because i had wanted a horse ever since i was 3. after school we went to see him. we pulled into the driveway and there i saw him. the beautiful 14.3 hh dapple grey gelding. she was giving him a bath and he was gourgeous (sp) i fell in aww as she introduced me to the horse she had named Dominic (after her father :roll:) after she finished washing him i rode him (very bad i know) lol he was originally in training for western riding but i rode him in an english saddle. he needed alot of retraining but i didnt mind. i hopped on him and was nervous since that had been my first time riding since summer camp. we walked all over the arena. my dad and the lady were talking and i couldnt hear them but i didnt care, i was living the life on the back of this beautiful horse. the lady gave me a mini lesson she told me to walk over to her but instead the horse that she called Dominic trotted. ill never forget that because she yelled at me because the ground was wet :roll: anyways i got off him brushed him and my dad said we will be intouch with her tomorrow. i bugged my dad for a week telling him to call her back but he said nothing. i cried. i loved that horse even though i just met him. one day (a week later) we came home and my dad handed me a piece of paper that read "you are now the proud new owner of Dominic. 8 year old Dapple grey Qh/Appy" i was in shock. my dad had bought me him when i was riding him the first day i went to see him!! i couldnt be more happier. my dad told me that we were going the next morning to pick him up and bring him to his new home at 6 a.m. i had renamed him Domino. i sold him a year later because he was too much for me and that was the biggest mistake in my life.

now onto how i got Ginger. haha. shortly after i sold Domino i was looking on horsetopia and saw an add for a "beginner safe" tb mare who had been neglected and abused. we went to go see her and she was literally dead. she was skinny and looked depressed. i felt so bad for her. i ended up buying her for only $600. long story short she was too much for me and we couldnt afford board anymore so we hada sell. she went to a good home though where a lady will have alot of fun retraining her and riding her.

you guys all diserve a plate of cookies for reading all that! :D

my2geldings 07-18-2008 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by 3neighs
You first, M2G! :wink:


I don't even know where to start. My initial idea of what I was going to post has changed a little bit from reading the posts. Bear with me.

My story starts off with an absolute passion for horses. I grew with the great blessing of always having owned horses. Just months after I took my first riding lesson, my parents who could barely afford it at the time, bought me my first pony. She was a black little Ariegois cross. I knew nothing about horses at the time and surely learned as the months went by. That's where the seed for the love of Canadians started off :lol: I took lessons there which really were only trail rides but I enjoyed every single lesson like there was no tomorrow.

We eventually moved from Europe over to here. I was once again very fortunate and my parents bought me my first horse. I grew being daddy's girl. We went everywhere together and did everything together. One year he took me to the Calgary Stampede where they have many breeds of horses available for viewing and learning more about. One day as I was walking down one of the exhibits, this big, black horse with a curly mane that covered his face and went down passed his nose-caught my attention. I will always remember that day. The day my heart skipped a beat. It was a Canadian Horse.
I went home that night and read every single page on this breed as I could find. I looked every breeder and started dreaming.I would never be able to afford one.

One year later I lost my dad. That turn of events changed my view on life altogether. We sold our property, and I sold all my horses. Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We took it in stride the 2 of us girls stuck it together. After dealing with some very icky feelings for a few months :lol: I started horse hunting again. Feeling sorry for myself was just the coward way of dealing with things plus all my money from work had to go somewhere right! :lol:

As I searched the web I came across this colt :shock: I continued on and read the add and it was, you guessed it a Canadian :shock:
I called my mom from work. This little bugger was way higher than what I could afford(you dont want to know). I called my mom and we bought this guy together. He is now part of our family for good.
This horse is the most gentle horse you could ever meet. In the months I've been healing from injury he's been so careful at maneuvering around me. He just knows, he's helped me heal thru a lot.

Parker Horse Ranch 07-18-2008 11:55 PM

When I was 5or 6 year old I read the book black beauty and I was crazy about horses. When my mom and dad took me and my sister to look at some horses. I was picking a horse that look like black beauty and the man told me that this horse will grow tall,my parents try to get me to pick a mini horse and not a horse that grow tall well it end up that my mom and dad was not able to buy the mini horse b/c they was too high price and so as years go by as I was growing up I never thought about horses and wasn't that interesting in them until summer when I was going into 8th grade while me and mom was in GA. for a visit and when we came back home my sister Anna told me that she was getting a horse and I didn't believe her and so I stumble up and said I want one too!! Well my mom took me over to Mr.Buck's place that moment I got out of the truck and that sorrel colt grab my eyes and He was so beautiful that I said mom I want that horse. When Mr. Buck was getting the feed to the barn the sorrel colt who I name Luke the Duke saw me and walk over to me and was just looking at me as to say hello and I held my hand out slowly to try and pet him and it was at first sight when we saw each other and Luke is the love of my life and I will never trade a thing for him or sell him, and that was when I become even more horse crazyer and was driving my parents nuts, lol.

Sissimut-icehestar 07-19-2008 12:07 AM

well, i had loved horses all my life ! i had always gone to these "horse courses" in the summer and tryed to learn all i could !
when my sister who is three years older then my got confirmed (actually four years before i got confirmed, i remember now :lol: ) she got a horse. Then i said that i should get one to when i got confirmed ! well the horse was not a very good one, and she sold him a year later i think, and got another one from this guy who had trained a horse for this guy me and my sister had gotten to ride horses with one summer. It was a GREAT mare but sadly my sister was going into a rough timeperiod (wich still hasn´t ended :roll: ) and never rode or even went to see her ! she sold that horse after a year and a half !
well, now me getting a horse was out of the picture ! my parents thought i couldn´t handle it (even though me and my sister have always been like black and white). My horse passion went to sleep ! about a year before my confirmation it woke up again ! for a year i tried to convince my parents to let me get a horse myself ! they always said it was a bad idea but i decided to be stubborn ! In my confirmation party i got lots of money, which was all put into the bank so i could buy a horse and pay for the boarding and all that ! for another year i looked at horse on the internet and dreamed ! then one day as my dad and me were driving around the "stable neighborhood" we checked in on some people there who i knew had some beginner safe horses for sale. they didn´t have anything right now but said they would call around because the knew of some horses that might suit, and then call us. i talked a bit to my mom and later that day she gave us the number for the guy who sold my sister the mare. he didn´t have anyting for us but gave us the number for another guy who he thought might have something. And he did ! He said that he especially had one chestnut, ugly, little mare with some kick-ass tölt in mind ! that evening i was jumping around the living room shouting ,,Ţađ er hestur á leiđinni í bćinn handa mér! ("there is a horse on its way to "town"(reykjavík) for me") about a week and a half she arrived from the north ! a week after that i decided to buy that fat mare :lol: my pretty (ugly) Stína :D and mom and dad were nice enough to offer to pay my boarding and such, but i bought my first horse all by myself :)
chocalate chip cookies (plural) for you if your read this :)

*you can read on if you´re interested*
well, three weeks later everyone starts to mention how weird her belly was ! i take her to the vet and yup, i had bought my self a pregnant mare ! so she was shipped back to the guy who i bought it from for safe keepings until this december ! april 22nd i get my second horse :lol: little brown fatherless Asi ! they are in about 6 hour driving distance and in a valley that i doubt a road lies to ! i miss them so much right now, and am counting down the days until this december !
asi :)
double chocalate chip cookies if you read the last part :)

SonnyWimps 07-19-2008 09:31 AM

I started horse back riding lessons last August only because I needed P.E. for school and I planned on stopping when I had enough hours.
As I rode I fell in love with a pretty Gypsy Vanner and then the BO said he was for sale and would let me "lease to own"...put $250 a month till it equalled up to the price he was selling at and then he'd be mine. So I started saving, but it turned out he was too much of a horse for me at that time. I was on a trail and he caught a branch in his tail and he started bucking like crazy. After a few minutes he got calmed down, and we continued, but he was still acting up on the way back (I didn't know what was wrong with him...I found out later). We went up a hill and he tried to rear up but couldn't due to the hill. Then the next day he randomly reared up for no reason so I had had enough. I had no confidence after that and didn't want to come back.

Then I started riding a Paint mare named Star. I rode her for the longest time and fell in love with her. I hated her at first, but with more work she was my "dream" horse. I had everything arranged to buy her, but when the pre-purcahse came, she failed the flextion test...she was lame :(
So even though the BO was terribly mad at me for not buying her, I passed her up and continued looking.

Then I went to see a morgan named Bada Bing that was about an hour away from me. He was pretty but definately NOT the horse the lady described through e-mails. He also seemed to have a hip problem...his hip would almost "pop". She said she'd get the vet out to check it out and get back to me....but she never did contact me.

Then I looked at another horse the BO was selling, but within the first 20 seconds that I rode him, he reared up and bolted in the opposite direction. He was a no right then. And I'm happy I said that because I don't like him anymore hehe

Then I went to look at a green Appaloosa named RJ. He was cute, but too green for me. He didn't even know what I wanted him to do, when I asked him to walk or trot. I passed him down because I didn't feel comfortable riidng a green horse.

Then there was Jack, a spotted saddle horse, and Teddy, a grade Quarter Horse. Teddy was too much of a push button horse for me, but I fell in love with Jack. I did not get him though because he was too small for me, and they wanted an aweful lot for him even though he was like 15.

Then I saw an ad for a pretty dun and black mare and a local training center. We e-mailed and the lady sent us pictures of her plus 3 other horses she was selling. The one draft cross was too expensive so we turned her down, but we went to see the three others. At first I didn't even want to see the bay gelding they had for sale...I wanted that mare lol. My mom said just look at him anyways to see how he does. So I agreed and we went that Sunday to look at them. The first horse we looked at was the bay gelding...a 9 year old Paint named Sonny. It was literally love at first sight hehe. I knew I had to have him.
So I rode him and loved him even more, but then we went and looked at the other two. The one QH was too crazy for me and the mare that I loved....well she had no personality at all....which I wanted in a horse.

So we bought Sonny. I won't go into the whole details but I bought him and have regretted nothing.
^^Me and my boy! :D

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