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kcsasygirl 04-03-2012 07:10 PM

Is my horse close to foaling? Milk testing question...
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I have a maiden mare. She is at 343 days. Last week the vet was out and became concerned about her lack of a bag (and the presence of fescue...we live in KY) so he started her on domperidone. Before he made out the script, he palped her and found the baby plenty big, in the correct position, but not quite engaged. He figured she would go maybe seven more days. We know we're right on our breeding dates. His logic was that he'd rather use the dom and not need it, than NEED it and not have used it when we had the chance.

So the dom did a fabulous job of helping her make a bag (which she may well have done anyway) By Sunday she was squirting a thick, white milk. I tested her on Saturday morning (I don't have calcium strips, but do have pH spa strips) and her values were fuchsia and well over 8. On Saturday night, she'd dropped significantly, to around 7.2...still a peachy, yellowish orange. In my milk testing experience, 'peachy' isn't quite exciting enough to go on full blown camp out foal watch so I just checked on her several times throughout the night.

Sunday was exciting...with the waxing and sweet tasting milk, her strips indicated she was around 6.8. Definitely dropped from the day before and I was officially on 'high alert'. I stayed with her. She pushed her butt against the wall, paced, pawed, kicked at her belly, etc. She put on a FINE show, and I figured we'd have a baby by Monday morning.

All we had Monday morning was complete exhaustion on my behalf. I turned her back out in the pasture and kept an eye on her all day. She was fairly comfortable, and showed little interest in anything other than grazing and dozing. So I checked her milk last night. pH had dropped even more, to a light corn yellow. And she was waxed.

So again I camped. Again nothing much happened. A few poopies that looked like cow pies and lots of peeing, nothing more than that. <sigh>

Today I brought her out and rechecked her milk and the pH has gone UP! To 7.2! What the heck??? And it's not quite as white, it's more yellowish and a bit salty. Her tail head is REALLY loose, she looks slab sided and her butt is jello-y. But she's not in labor. Does milk ever REGRESS??

Does anyone else have experience with this? I don't want to miss her foaling, but I am gonna have to sleep sometime! These pics were taken last night...ANY advice would be amazing!

SunnyDraco 04-03-2012 07:57 PM

Not mine, but an interesting foaling journal to read. They had real milk at 340 days, and it regressed the next day. They have pictures of the milk.

Sissy 2007

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