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94broncoxlt 04-04-2012 10:28 PM

Riding after baby
I had a baby girl last summer, and due moving, full time school, sweet baby girl, and complicated c-section, I am JUST now getting back into riding my horse. Last time I rode with consistency was when I was about four months pregnant - over a year ago! I took a lesson with a local trainer and found that my body and mind were NOT in sync as they used to be. It really, really bothers me because I always felt confident in my balance and riding, and now I feel like a soupy mess. I have never gone so long without riding. Sure, I can hop on and walk around no problem, but a collected canter, jumps, and even posting after 10 minutes is such a challenge! It feels like my mind is telling my body what to do, and then getting really confused when my body doesn't respond as it always did for years. So, I guess I have to go back to 2 pt, 18 inches, and stretching my feet out of the stirrups every so often :lol:, just like I was ten years old again. Any other moms out there get as confused and discouraged as me!!?? I am probably just being impatient. Any stories would be greatly appreciated...:-P

snowynkate 04-05-2012 05:49 AM

Becoming a mother changes everything my eldest is now 11 and my yougest 2 , I have been back riding now for 2 years and i am only just now feeling confident in myself and my balance to ride the way i used to . I don't know what it is but after having kids it changes the way we think.
I know for me i lost my confidence hugely and always felt nervous about riding, which affected how i rode and my balance wasn't the same either, which may have been the extra weight i put on, as i feel better since losing it. You will feel better the more you do don't be so hard on yourself :D

boots 04-05-2012 07:22 AM

Ugh. It seems to take soooo long to get back in shape. Physically, it just takes time. Sure focused exercise helps, if you can make yourself do it.

I think your idea of going back to 2 point, etc., is about the best. Your old coach would be so proud! :)

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