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Runkio 04-07-2012 10:04 AM

Looking for a job or internship on the weekends. Suggestions?
I have been seeking work with horses since probably October of last year, I'd say. I found a small barn where I work 2 days a week but I'm looking to replace my retail job that I work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I think I have seriously tried everything imaginable to find jobs. I've put my name on employment sites (including virginia equestrian which has gotten me two phone calls which didn't lead to anything). I have emailed specific barns I found online to ask if they were in need of any help. It seems that any barns looking for help are at least 2 hours away from me and there's no way I can relocate because I'm going to college here. I even looked into working student positions where I wouldn't be paid but would gain wanted experience but it seems that there are none in my area. So I'm feeling a little stuck. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or know of any barns in the Roanoke, VA area? I would also be willing to drive a little ways if there was somewhere I could stay and just work and live there on the weekends.

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