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Crimsonhorse 04-07-2012 03:46 PM

Stolen / Looking for information on a horse 2005 roughly when she went missing
Hello my name is Jenny I was doing a payment plan with a lady I rode horses for for a Quarter Horse Filly. Her Registered name was GF Fantasia we called her Camie for her barn name she was a Sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail a few white socks I'm still trying to find pictures of her at the moment. She was injured as a foal it was the left or right eye was a little concaved due to being kicked there by another horse. She was in a small little town called Keremeos located in British Columbia Canada she was owned by Dianne Shimcky I think thats how her name was spelt. If you know what happened to her or you have her please let me know so I can take the appropriate action towards the lady who managed to steal and sell my horse I was 16 years old and it was my first horse.....

Thank You

Speed Racer 04-07-2012 04:54 PM

Did you have a written, signed contract? If not, then I'm sorry, but you're out of luck.

Why didn't your parents get involved 7 years ago when this happened?

paintedpastures 04-07-2012 08:22 PM

Was this horse paid in full & did you have a bill of sale or contract? if horse wasn't paid in full or there was a default on your non payment as agreed then she had rights to sell the horse.Lack of info here,:? makes it questionable if this horse was indeed stolen from you....

Crimsonhorse 04-08-2012 02:28 AM

Yes I have a written and signed contract still have it to this day in my mountain of paper work. My mom tried to find out what happened to the horse or where is went but she didn't have the money at the time for a lawyer unfortunately. NO the horse was not paid in full there was still $600.00 owing on Camie her purchase price was $1500.00 and we had already paid $900.00 we where up to date on Feed + Board + Shots + Trimming there was no missed payments or anything like that.....

Speed Racer 04-08-2012 08:20 AM

So did you go to law enforcement at the time, or at least call an attorney? I do believe there's a statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit concerning something of this nature.

If this woman packed up and moved after selling the horse, you'll need professional help to track her down.

I feel badly that you may have been taken advantage of, but there has to be more to this story than the little tid-bits you're sharing.

paintedpastures 04-08-2012 11:48 AM

I looked that name up on AQHA & found no horse with that name:?

Speed Racer 04-08-2012 11:55 AM

Painted, if the owner was dishonest in her dealings, the horse may not have been registered at all. It happens.

Is it possible that her name may also have have been changed after registration? I know some registries allow it.

Crimsonhorse 04-08-2012 12:42 PM

No she is Registered I saw her AQHA papers and i have a photo copy in my office I will try to find it for you so you know more about Camie they might have changed it in the hopes I would never be able to find Camie. No I didn't call they enforcements about it I came home from school got off the bus walked to the house and heard the horse shrieking and calling for each other so I ran as fast as I could down to the field no horse no trailer nothing but a missing horse. She was inside the paddock she said that Camie had cracked her hoof in half and that she called a horse rescue in Chilliwacke to come take the horse for medical attention and they had just picked her up and taken her to the vet. But she wouldn't give me the number or tell me the name of the rescue so I could pay to get my horse back I don't know why she didn't call my mom or me before making this decision to surrender my horse....

I'm trying to find out what happened and where Camie might be now that I'm older and have my own money I can take appropriate action

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