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cmmcle 04-09-2012 06:11 AM

Horse game based on real genetics

Hunt and Jump (click here)
This game is based on real life horse genetics, It allows you to breed horses for colour in a realistic way, I bred the horse in the picture who is a white bay dun frame stallion. There are millions of horse portraits some of which are stunning (just trawl the forum and look at everyones breeding brags) The colour aspect of the game gives it a neat set of goals players can set themselves.

Not only this but horses are not all created equal, they have hidden ability for both breeding and showing (quality can be indicated by use of in game testing) this makes it better than those common games where all the horses are homogeneous and all you need to do is enter them in a million shows to collect points, here each horse has its own potential and its up to you to breed the right horses together to makes a champion show string/ breeding herd. The game has leaderboards for top stallions/mares/profit earners ect ect if your into being number 1. There is also a very helpful friendly and active forum community attatched to the game. I reccomend anyone who joins to become known on the forum, the players are alway quick to help out anyone new :).

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