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Kelly22790 04-09-2012 06:52 PM

Need to vent
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I apologize if I sound immature in this thread but I need to vent.

I recently heard that my ex boyfriend's mother was talking to the woman who mutually knows my ex and I and the reason we were together and I guess his mother said, "didn't she get a boyfriend right after?" in a sort of disgusted sound.

Okay. This makes me mad. I tried my very best with him and I tried to reason with him in order to convince him to stay. Leaving was totally his idea. I even told him that he can go away for a couple months and I will be here when he came back. He told me when he was breaking up with me that he had to think about this more and told me he'd call me in a week. A week goes by, no phone call. Two weeks go by, and I get a phone call but I missed the call (called right back and texted.. No reply). Another week goes by (we are at week 3 of this nonsense) and he calls me and I am sitting in class and can not answer. He calls a second time but I was still in class. Torture. I called him back immediately after class and no answer. Then he blocked my number. The next day I told our mutual friend/family member to call him and see what was going on. She called him and he told her he's just not in the right place in his life to be in a relationship right now. Fine. I didn't bother him again (that's all he had to tell me!).

About a month and a half later I started dating a long lost childhood friend. That only lasted a month. I did not do anything sexual with him at all. Yet, I am blamed for having a boyfriend "right after." It was my ex's decision to break up with me... Why am I stuck looking like the bad guy? I know that I shouldn't worry about this but I still very much have feelings for my ex. I just don't understand the thought pattern of some people. What's done is done and if this is the way him and his family talk about me then it's better that he is gone; probably just saying all this stuff to justify his breaking up with me yet it can not be justified by my getting a boyfriend after the fact because he was already gone. Ugh. I'll be over this whole thing in about an hour but I needed to vent. Thanks.
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