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Cintillate 04-09-2012 08:01 PM

Saddle Slipping
My horse is a quarab but she is also built down hill. I have a very very light weight saddle that I can lift with one arm. The only trouble I have is it slips. When I put it on I tighten the girth until it is snug if I go any farther before she would move and show signs of discomfort but when you get into the saddle the weight pushes it down making the girth loose and being downhill it move forward a little. She is still growing and her shape must have changed as I didn't have this problem so much before. I was riding around and she did a sharp turn and the saddle slipped. I landed in a sand pile. She didn't run away just stopped and at grass where I laid wondering how I got down there. :lol:

Now she refuses to go faster than a trot if it is loose. Nice warning system and she lets me tighten it a whole lot more before I get on unlike before she would move off. Guess she doesn't want the drama of me falling off again. :oops: I am constantly checking it as usual when I ride but..

I'm just wondering how much can I tighten the girth without causing her discomfort? Anything else I can do to stop the saddle from slipping?

NorthernMama 04-09-2012 08:48 PM

It sounds like she is outgrowing the saddle due to changing body shape. Also sounds like she's a bit girth sour. Possibly from pinching. Check your girth for flaws and don't try to tighten the girth all in one go.

How old is she that you are running her, but she is still growing? Usually the two don't go hand in hand like that... Or maybe she's done growing up and is just filling out now? However, if she is young and downhill, she might not be done growing in her bones yet.

I tighten my girth snug, then piddle around doing other stuff for a few minutes. Then I snug it up again, stretch out the front legs and tighten the girth until I can get my fingers under, but that's all. Usually a few minutes of walking will loosen it up again, so it's worth another check. Now for my purposes, that's generally good enough, but for competitive work you'll probably have to check it after a 10 minute warm-up.

Cintillate 04-09-2012 09:47 PM

I don't tighten in one go. I usually put the saddle on then put the girth in place. Then tighten in a bit more then let her walk a bit then tighten to where I can have my fingers go under it a bit then I tighten it snug and let her walk around and check . I have checked the girth and I do stretch and I don't get on and go straight into riding. I walk around in a circle then check the girth, sometimes I get off and tighten it a bit more if it needs to. Long process but worth it. The only time she moves is if I tighten it more when it is snug already, it must be too tight already but I know that when I sit in the saddle it will loosen.

I have another saddle but it is bigger and too big in my opinion but I have used it on her and definitely doesn't slip people told me she should be fine carrying it. Tightening the girth is also a lot easier using that saddle for both of us but it is such a heavy saddle. 24lbs? I weigh 110lbs. I'm not doing competitive work, just trail rides usually no more than an hour. I think she may be still growing.

Palomine 04-10-2012 09:08 PM

If saddle is doing this, it doesn't fit horse correctly. Girthing tighter won't fix that.

You need to use a saddle that fits her better.

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