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Chuckface 04-09-2012 10:12 PM

Can I feed ration balancers to a Pony prone to laminitis?
Hi all,

we have an old miniature who needs bulking up as hes currently pretty skinny (not terribly but id like to see him with a bit more bulk.) Hes currently on about an acre of good quality pasture and get lucerne at night (about 1.5 kg per feeding). Hes been on this for the 6 months weve had him and he has improved a little, but i thought he would have put on a bit more bulk by now. He has been regularly wormed and had his teeth done recently, hes also on founder guard as when we got him he just got over a bout of laminitis. I was wondering about putting him on a bit of ration balancer. I am concerned it could set his feet off again, but because it has no grain etc (my horse is on hygain balanced, so they would be having the same one) i thought it might be ok. I thought this with a bit of sunflower oil added every night I might start to see improvements, epecially since we are heading into winter, im worried about how much condition he will keep.

heres the brochure incase Hygain Balanced - Mineral and vitamin balanced pellet

thanks for any advice. And if my idea sounds no good, any other suggestions to put some weight on him? Thankyou!

loosie 04-10-2012 03:54 AM

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Firstly, have to say I got a laugh out of your signature line!:lol:

Yes, IMO it is a good idea to feed a 'ration balancer' or otherwise supp for balanced nutrition. Yes, there are a number of good ones out there that are grain/molasses free. But generally they are low dose, so won't add that much in the way of calories.

Have you had him tested for cushings or any such? I'd be inclined to, if he's old, getting a good diet & not putting on. I'd personally want to consult an equine nutritionist, or use a service such as as well.

How long has he been on the Founderguard? I wouldn't personally use this & it's possible this is causing weight issues, as it's an antibiotic & horses digest their feed in the hind gut predominently via bacteria. Also I'm not sure founderguard is very effective at avoiding insulin resistance caused founder(grass founder for eg) - thought it was more for combatting hind gut acidosis due to bad diet & feeding practices, such as grain rich meal feeding.

A whole acre plus that much lucerne should be more than enough for him without added calories, so something's not right.

Chuckface 04-10-2012 07:59 PM

Thanks for your reply! when we got him he was tested for cushings which came back negative thank god. But yeah, i expected a heap more weight gain by now. Ill give the vet a call and see if we can sort it out :wink:

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