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dressagegirl77 04-11-2012 01:25 PM

Hunter Bumps? stifles? hocks? need some feedback!
So I have a thoroughbred with a 'hunter bump', i bought him with it and it hasnt seemed to bother him since i have had him. so. He has been squareing off his hind toes lately, also he started trying to lay down after i put a saddle on him. I ride him just about everyday, so i am thinking the laying down thing may be something to do with back soreness, but he never seems sore when i cury his and my trainer are thinking his issues may have to do with stifles or hocks,...also ever since i got him he is very tense about picking up hind legs, he picks them up very high and twitches it. But when i bought him he did not square off his toes. the vet checked him over the other day and he thinks it has something to do with the hunter bump, but i am not so sure everything i read about them says that after they heal, its just a blemish and should not bother the horse much.
Please give me any feedback:-(

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