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jahdaz 04-12-2012 06:33 AM

Pastern cut, healing?
long story short, there is a mare that I fell for in july, and have finally got enough money for her(and a vet fun, a few months board, etc.). She got injured, and have a few questions about it. (I haven't seen her recently, she lives on the other side of the state)

the owner told me that she and a bunch of other horses got out and she was VERY swollen on her leg, they gave her penecillan, and she has a big cut on her pastern. she IS putting weight on the leg.

- is it likely that a "big cut" will heal with out her being lame, a permanent limp, or a "hindering" on her movement? (I do gaming and endurance - luckily I haven't had to deal with a pastern cut before)

- how long should I expect for it to heal? (on the phone he said 1-2 months)

- how long after healed would it be okay to start riding? (and how long to just build her back up with a rider after her injury)

- if you have had to deal with a pastern cut, how long did it take? did your horse heal well? in the end was your horse lame or have a limp? etc.


natisha 04-12-2012 08:08 AM

Your questions are impossible to accurately answer because there are too many variables involved. No injury is exactly like another. Recovery will also depend on the treatments given, the extent of injury, the age & physical condition of the horse, nutrition, what structures were involved, that kind of stuff.
I would strongly advise a pre-purchase exam (for any horse) but especially for this one as she has a known injury & you plan to use her in events that require full physical fitness.
I hope this helps.

jahdaz 04-12-2012 09:10 PM

let me re-phrase it, "what is your experience with pastern cuts"?

I KNOW that there are many different variables, that would be why I asked what you thought based off of your experience.


FlyGap 04-12-2012 09:34 PM

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Just went through this with my mare getting in the fence.
Our experience: terrible cut above her coronet band, back Pastern, front right. Happened the end of October. Nearly impossible to keep clean, closed, couldn't stitch, best left unwrapped, stall or very small paddock only. As soon as we thought it was healed up enough we'd turn her out and whammo, busted again! Didn't get healed up until mid January! So all healed started working her and at the trot she started coming up lame. Ugh. Mind you she never got infected, swollen, warm, limped, nothing. So vet out, xrays, stress tests, hoof tests, farrier checks. Nothing. So she's been out to pasture healing and getting fat. Thankfully the past two weeks she's been moving well and we have some short trails planned. Don't know how it's going to go but I've been worried to death since October!

So if I were you I'd have the seller get her throughly vet checked WITH xrays before I'd touch her. Especially if she's swollen and has an infection. I'd also wait until she is completely healed before you purchase her. Bum deal!
Good luck!!
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