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Island Horselover 04-12-2012 07:34 PM

Who else rides in rope halter
Hi there, I am just curious how many of you guys ride their horses in rope halters, no bridles (or both). Do you notice a difference and what do you think about controlling your horse when riding in a rope halter... I am just curious as most of my horses never had a bit in their mouth and they are super responsive and I just never had a bad experience with it, on the other hand I have a friend and her horse is totally ignoring her when riding in rope halter (but this horse has been ridden with a pretty strong bit for most of its life...). Just want to hear some opinions and experiences from you guys on here. Thanks and Cheers :-o

Prinella 04-12-2012 07:36 PM

Yup broke Ella in in a rope halter!
Prin and I ride in both a halter and bridle. When out hunting bridle and rings. At home either. She acce
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Prinella 04-12-2012 07:37 PM

Accepts the contact much better in the bridle but is learning in the halter
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caseymyhorserocks 04-12-2012 07:40 PM

I usually do .. I love rope halters. However, just like any other thing, rope halters can be misused.

Since you said she was ridden in a hard bit for most of her life and she won't respond to the rope halter, that means that the bit was used to steer and control her, rather than the persons body. So therefore it is the riders fault she doesn't respond to the bit. She needs to go back to the basics and teach the horse to respond to her seat aids.

Joe4d 04-12-2012 07:49 PM

I ride in a headstall that is designed to be attached to a rope halter

Cinnys Whinny 04-12-2012 07:51 PM

I ride both. I have a dressage bridle for dressage, a western headstall with snaffle that I use on trail and such and then sometimes I just use a rope halter for trail or just goofing around bareback.

Lately Cinny has been ignoring EVERYTHING, but we also just found out he has stomach issues which are currently being remedied. I actually can't wait to be able to ride him in his rope halter again as he relaxes more in it.

Saddlebag 04-12-2012 07:52 PM

A rope halter touches some pretty sensitive nerves. I no longer use them and have gone back to the flat halters.

tbstorm 04-12-2012 07:54 PM

i ride in either a rope halter, or hackamore the only time a bit is in the horses mouth is for a show or working cattle, when they need to be super responsive and even then its a bit designed for Jonathan field who is a natural horseman.

Island Horselover 04-12-2012 07:59 PM

Well Saddlebag - it always depends on how one rides the horse I guess. I love rope halters and the horses seem to be really happy and appreciative. Anything can touch "some pretty sensitive nerves" if one does not use it the right way...... I am even trying to ride my super sensitive Morgan without a halter and just give my leg aids and it is working out well so far, but I am just staying in the ring for now.... getting there though! Just love it and like seeing the horses having some freedom. Even though I also ride my Warmblood for showing in the bridle, so I am not saying it is bad I just think it is a nice way to show your horse that there is some trust!

bsms 04-12-2012 08:07 PM

I used to use rope halters exclusively, but I've switched to using a bit. For basic riding, the halter is fine. However, if they get nervous - particularly my mare - I find the subtlety of the bit makes it easier to calm her down. A pinkie of pressure on each rein in synch when her shoulder goes forward, and in 5-6 strides she starts to relax. With a rope halter, I can't do that. Not with her. I also find the bit allows me to help her out more when she drops her shoulder in a turn.

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