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HalfPass 04-12-2012 09:12 PM

Hilda Gurney Clinic, and First show of season coming up
Hey all
I am so excited! Hilda Gurney will be coming to my barn to present a clinc. My horse and I will be able to ride 1 out of the two days....Maybe two if I can get the first day off as well.
I have a friend that worked for Hilda some 22 years ago as a student.
My plan was to do an "away" show this year but it did not work out, so I decided I would invest in this clinc. I still may have a chance for an away show but that remains to be seen
I am excited about the clinc! It will be on July 13 and 14th!

As for this year's show season I had planned to do my first away show this past March but the weather got in the way and made travel over the mountains to the show we didn't go!

On the upside of this horse and I have had much more time to prepare for our first time doing first level.
I am totally excited! But at the same time a tiny bit nervous...mostly excited!
The show is April28-29th
My trainer is gone right now to Italy and will not return until two days before the show. I am nervous because I wont have any lessons from her for 3 weeks.
However, she has a new working student that is at my disposal so i am okay with that.

Spyder if your out there or Anabel do you have any tips or things you would like to share about moveing to a new level?

I would love to here them and I am sure others would like to as well.


~*~anebel~*~ 04-12-2012 09:39 PM

Hilda is a blast haha, she can be a bit intimidating but don't let who she is get to you!! The woman has a wealth of experience and is super nice :)

As far as for moving up, you know you can do it at home right?? I try to plan all my rides and "formulate" exactly what it is in my warm up that allows me to be able to do a test.

How are your horse's leg yields, lengthen strides, simple changes?? Try to warm up keeping in mind that you still have 10 minutes of riding after your warm up and you want the horse to "peak" in the ring. You shouldn't need to school every element of the test prior to going into the show ring. You also want to make sure your training prior to the show is going to be such that the horse is just "peaking" at the show. This is extremely difficult to do. You have to know your horse in order to do this well. I find that working a lot on the basics and the "feel" of the horse, over working on movements, in the weeks prior to the show helps me out the most.

Good luck!

HalfPass 04-12-2012 10:43 PM

Thanks Anebel!
I am excited about being in the clinic! Thanks so much for your words!

As for our preparedness of 1-1 and 1-2 we are doing well. Our lengthenings have come a long way....leg yeilds are good, the contact is steady and consistent and getting better everyday! Our stretch down circles were a bit to be desired but OMG I am so hapy because this is a movement that still has room for improvements but they are getting so much nicer! TodayI had some really wonderful stretch with a steady pace and no rushing moments...

My horse has only been in training for about 1 year. He just turned 7 and had little to nothing done with him. He is such a willing partner.

I totally agree with what you had to say about the warm-up routine....This is something I have chatted with my trainer about a ton!
My horse is such an over-anticipator and achiever that I have to be really careful about how I warm him up....I may just have to do a total basic warm-up...this can depend on how he is when I go to warm him up....he may be fresh and need a different warm up too.

I don't like to over school a certain movement or ride a test 20 times before going in to perform the just doesn't work....I may practice a few repetitions of certain movements of the test and possably ride the test once before doing it but that depends on how the horse feels.

Right now i feel like we are really turning a corner so in the training. We both have a good thing going on so even right now while my trainer is gone when i ride I try to practice a lot of the basics and some of the movements...I also am aware of my horses weakness area's....I try to improve those but not over school them. I will ride with her working student to practice the tests a bit next week since I will have ridden for a week alone....I have them memorized, but I would like to ride them and have them videoed....for review...

Totally excited......
Thanks again for your in-put....

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