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SorrelHorse 04-13-2012 12:03 AM

It's okay to be scared.
Well I was giving my routine lesson today with a little girl who wants to barrel race. She is scared because she has seen a lot of accidents and a lot of crazy horses. Her horse is not one who is crazy but for some reason she is scared of him. Long story short, I caved and let her ride Selena. (I had worked her pretty hard earlier so I knew she wouldn't try anything. Plus even SHE knows when she has precious cargo.)

Well....Selena and the girl did amazing. I actually got them to lope the pattern and she did so good. The girl isn't ready to go fast but I figured hell, why not? We did a lot of body control, talked about positioning, a ton of slow stuff, then at the end is when I let her take the pattern. Selena loved the little girl, probably happy she didn't have my demanding butt in the saddle for once. And at the end of the lesson we went out to the back creek, took the saddle off and rode double on her in the water. <3 I love this horse. I was thinking about letting the girl ride her again to build her confidence and having me ride her horse while I instruct her because then I can feel any sort of things/training holes that will be scaring the girl while she toodles around on my newly named babysitter. I can't see what she is afraid of on the ground but I know she wasn't scared at all with Selena.

[For those of you that know Selena's behaviorial history, please don't tell me I was stupid for letting the girl ride her. I know my mare and I know she is over that phase and even when she was IN that phase she wouldn't dare try anything after having such a hard workout from me beforehand)

Anyway....I just wanted to point out that it's okay for anyone to be scared. It's a scary sport. And sometimes maybe you just need a change of scenery. Or someone to push you. I myself still get scared out of my mind but hide it better than most. I'm so proud of Selena and I am so proud of this girl. I have pictures but her Mom doesn't want me to post them, so you guys can have a video I made of me and Selena last night that sums up pretty well...

I'm going to the equestrian team meet this weekend so I wil have more updated videos of Selena (Doing barrels then trying keyhole for the first time ever) since most of that stuff in there is a little dated....

greenbryerfarms 04-13-2012 10:25 PM

verry cute and moving video. i know the feeling about people freaking out about horses with past...

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