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smokeslastspot 04-13-2012 11:23 AM

Hobbles/Farrier Questions
I need some info on hobbles. Are there any types of hobbles that will allow a farrier to trim a donkey while at the same time keeping the farrier safe from kicks?

Last week my dad acquired two jenny's. The sheriffs dept found them wandering the highways a few months ago and they have been staying with my vet until someone claimed them. Well nobody did so they became the property of my vet who didn't want them either. When he heard that my dad wanted a buddy for his gelded jack Poncho he offered the jenny's to us with free shots, coggins, and worming.

One of the jennys (Brownie) is very pregnant and the other (Sandy) we suspect may be as well. Both of them need their feet done very badly (I'm surprised neither is lame at this point) and I would like them done with a minimum of fuss and chemical intervention since we know one and maybe both are expecting. One of them is a kicker for sure when she is nervous or irritated. I have never been kicked and would like to keep it that way as well as keep anyone else from getting hurt.

Any advice is welcome, I have only handled one donkey before and never a kicker so I am looking to learn a lot in the near future.

Ian McDonald 04-13-2012 12:31 PM

I'm not so sure that I would recommend hobbling unless a person is somewhat experienced at it. The better fix is to just get them more comfortable with being handled. Most of these kinds of problems arise from defensiveness in the animal and will go away all by themselves once that animal trusts the person interacting with it.

I made a huge breakthrough once on a horse that I had put months of 'training' into with very little positive results, simply by starting to scratch him whenever he had an itch. In about one week flat he came around for me more than in all that previous training combined.

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