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Josh 04-13-2012 10:50 PM

Amish saddle?
So I got my horse working good an think it's time for a new saddle. Some local Amish make saddles to fit an I was thinking about going that route. I like that they measure out the horse before starting an build it pretty much how you want it. I ride western mostly just around the farm. My horse is pretty tall but short on length. I was thinking about a gaited skirt because it looks like it would compliment his shape. I don't do parades or shows so no tooling or frills. Strickly utilitarian... Tie downs for saddlebags an firearms. Anyone here with experience with Amish or custom saddles? Any suggestions as to something I could have missed? Beer holder?

kac7700 05-04-2012 04:54 PM

I have no experience, but I'm interested in the beer holder! Especially one that won't shake it up and make it into an explosive device when trotting. If someone invents that, let me know! (Maybe I just need to drink faster?) :D

Josh 05-04-2012 06:58 PM

I'm hoping to get this saddle project going in the next two weeks. I'll get some pics up when it's done. I've had some positive feedback from friends on this an am told it's great for the horse. May add two beer holders run a straw up to the bit for Dusty. Lol!

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