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Luv 2 Ride 07-22-2008 09:16 AM

Do you have both?? Horses and Family
I have a wonderful husband and two awesome children and horses and it is soooo hard to juggle them all. I am a stay at home mom with two boys ages 6 and 2. My 6 year old rides with me (on his own horse) a lot and my 2 year old wants to everytime but it is really hard to prepare for a show with a little one in the saddle with me. I am very lucky I have a beatiful barn and arena right here at my home and we all spend early mornings and late evenings at the barn but sometimes it is very over whelming. Oh did I mention that my husband who is wonderful and very supportive of me and my obsession (as he calls it) does not ride. I would absolutely not change a thing I love my family, family, family and my horses. I would just love to remember the silence of a ride hearing nothing but my horse breathing and his feet hitting the ground. BUT I am so looking foward to the day that my boys can show with me.

Is anyone else in my shoes? Any words of encouragment??

3neighs 07-22-2008 10:08 AM

Hey, Luv2Ride! I'm a stay at home mom to three girls ages 10, 6, and 5. My husband is not a horse person at all although he does mow the pastures and spread manure for me so I'm a lucky woman. :lol: We have a pony for the girls, but they didn't seem to inherit the horse nut gene from me. :( Oh, they'll ride occasionally, but they can take it or leave it pretty much. I was hoping our oldest would be my riding buddy, but she's not comfortable riding down the country roads with me. I don't show anymore, I just ride for pleasure and am working with a yearling who is deemed to be my next driving horse. I'd be very supportive of the girls if they wanted to show....but they don't!

I think it's great that your boys are interested in what you're doing! I'm hitting the roads all alone so enjoy the company! Before you know it, they'll be more interested in girls. :lol:

Kirsti Arndt 07-22-2008 10:08 AM

you have such a great attitude-the juggling is hard and a ton of women give up their obsession! dont you dare-fix your husband a nice romantic dinner or better yet breakfast so you have all day heheheheh then plop the kids in his lap and go for that ride in silence and peace-renew and refresh the spirit doing what you love-taking that few moments for yourself is good for your whole family. (it is great that your kids are going to be horse people and ride/show with you.)

Equine_Woman 07-22-2008 01:05 PM

I too am a stay at home Mom although I only have one child. He'll be 3 in August. It's really taken a hit to my riding time!!! Just this spring I got back into training every weekend but I only ride on weekends when my son is either at his GRandparents or with his Dad.

I could go out and ride in the mornings while my husband is home (he works nights) but I just haven't figured out how to kick myself into gear yet. We dont' show and I don't have an arena so riding at home is not all that fun. I certainly can't work on anything useful.

I have a 5 year old mare that I haven't really started under saddle because I don't have a round pen and it is really starting to make me feel like a bad owner for letting her just sit out in the pasture. I figure I already have 2 horses to ride and only one butt to do it with so why add another when she isn't going anywhere? My other horses are all over 20 so I figure by the time they are officially ready to retire I'll have at least a round pen and I can train then. Plus my son will be older and can ride with me.

I've never ridden with my son. Do you let yours just sit in front of you? I know they have those buddy saddles but I figure he needs to be a bit older before we can use one of those! He loves the horses but I've surprised myself with how much I've sheltered him from them. He's only sat on them about a dozen times in his life. . .

As for hitting the trail on your own do your kids do Mother's day out or anything? We are starting this fall and I fully plan on dropping my son off with my trailer already loaded with a horse and going on a trail ride all day until I have to pick him up!!! If your 6 year old is in school maybe you could do something like that?

It's nice to know I"m not alone!

FGRanch 07-22-2008 01:20 PM

It's very hard to juggle family and horses and I only have one child and a step child that is her on weekends.

My son is two so he is too young to ride and it's very hard to find time to ride with him, he takes all my time. I miss riding all the time, but I sure do love being a mommy! :D

Luv 2 Ride 07-22-2008 01:24 PM

3 neighs I am sad for you that your girls are not into it! I feel like my boys don't know any different. I rode most of my pregnancy with both of them and they have been in the barn and on horse back since they were tiny. It's great to know there is someone esle out there trying to do the balancing act...not to mention the cooking and house cleaning! ( I'd rather be cleaning in the barn)

My husband does do the dirty work and he spends time in the barn/arena with me and the boys just with his two feet planted :?

Kristi thanks for saying I have a good attitude! I sure try hard and my husband will help and keep the boys and he does but it is so hard because they want to be with me and riding and I think that is great and I feel like I am discurraging them from riding if I leave them at the house crying :cry: It is sooo hard but I agree it is good for the whole family for me to have a break. And don't worry I have no plans of giving up!

Equine woman....yes, my 2 year old rides alone and with me. I have an 18 year old retired preformance paint gelding that he rides. I started leading him around about age 1 and now he can ride alone in the arena but only if eveyone is at a walk in the arena if we are troting or loping around he gets excited and wants to follow. He loves it when he starts to trot but I am not comfortable with it. When he rides with me I just put him in front of me and off we go. My older son started troting and loping at about 3 1/2 or 4.

Yes, my older boy is in elementry school and I do ride some during th day but I live in South Florida and it is so hot it is no fun for me or my horses. I try to get my barn chores done during the day under the shade of the barn and we ride in the evenings. To cover my arena would be GREAT! And we live in a super small town and there is not a program like Moms morning out. That would be great! He will go to preschool when he is 4 in two years but I will probably have another little one by then seeing as how I have not been able to make any cowgirls!

And I love to ride with my children it is very refreshing to see them learning but once again it definetly is overwheling to make sure no one is getting stepped on (my 2year old has to lead his own horse) and all saddles are cinched ect. ect. I am tired by the time I mount!

Luv 2 Ride 07-22-2008 01:30 PM

Fehr.....I looked at your website your little one is a cutie!

And Yes, It is an absolutely wonderful thing to be a mommy! There is nothing better including the blue ribbon or buckle!

FGRanch 07-22-2008 01:43 PM

Thanks very much! He's pretty cute and he knows

I do look forward to when he is older and can ride with me. He's still a little timid up there.

farmpony84 07-22-2008 03:41 PM

I have a five year old... He's just gotten to the point where I can ride the horses while he plays outside so that I can watch him and ride at the same time. Yeah! He is pretty horse smart and listens farely well, although I only take him to shows or lessons with me if my husband is in town to watch him.

He rides when he asks. I dont want to push him, I'm really hoping he'll get into it... I might put him in lessons this year... we'll see... it does take a big dent out of your riding time but SO worth it!

Kirsti Arndt 07-22-2008 03:58 PM

its hard when the kids are so young-mommyhood takes up a ton of your time even not doing anything specific-mine is 33 now but i still remember how hard it was to keep everything together-and still find that few spare minutes for myself-very hard and the world keeps getting tougher-i respect you ladies and you gentleman that keep the love of horse alive and work (at home moms work just as hard) and take care of your families!! kudos to you.
i am at the age i can be selfish-except that i fill my place with animals that have to be cared for. I think i wont take my horse time so much for granted today.

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