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HorseLover123 04-14-2012 01:18 PM

Plaiting for BTO Class?
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Hi everyone, I am going to a show next month and have a few questions-

I don't know my horses' breeding but think he looks like a connemara, should I plait him for Best turned out class? I think it looks more neater imo. :D

For Best riding club horse class, how do I get him to stand out? he's a fantastic all rounder, he used to be in a riding school so can do anything really :lol:

Will be wearing a tweed jacket, what colour of tie should I go for? his browband has nice blue stones in it :-) so was thinking navy?

How can I make his coat shine without using lots of products? He is very light grey (white basically!) and is hard to get a good sheen like bay's and chestnut's have :-(

My tack is black, plain snaffle bridle and a GP synthetic saddle. Is this okay for the showing classes?

I only have a black velvet hat, was told navy is what's for showing but I can't afford to buy another :-|
He also has a big lump on his inside back leg, will he be judged on this by the following classes? :-(

He's in his 20's and is great to ride, added some photo's for you guys :-)

Thanks! :D

The Greener Side 04-15-2012 10:59 PM

Give him flax seed! It will make his coat shine, I supplement all my horses this year-round.
Synthetic saddles are generally a no-go though. Leather is normally the only thing allowed in show classes. However a black velvet helmet, as long as it is well-kept should do fine.

faye 04-16-2012 06:23 AM

UK showing, You cannot have him native and have a sparkly browband on him.

If you want to turn him out as a connemara then you need to turn him out like this lad (my connemara)

I personaly however dont think he looks like a connemara so I would pull his mane and tail, plait him up, trim his legs, put him in a plain flat hunter bridle and turn him out as a show hunter pony. (Snaffle is fine but the style of bridle should be similar to that worn by the connemara i've posted).

I'd also be tempted to put some black make up on him to give his face a bit more definition.

You shouldnt be marked down for lumps and bumps in a BTO class or a RC horse class, you could also try the veteran classes.

Personaly I would go for a tie that compliments the over check in your jacket. My Tweed jacket has a bright red over check so I have a bright red tie with cream dots on it!

To stand out you need to do it for the correct reasons, correct, spotless tack, immaculate attention to detail and a big smile are your best weapons!
Do not get boxed in by the other horses, if nessecary trun a circle to give yourself more space. Be polite to everyone on the show field, but most perticularly the judge and the steward

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