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Iseul 04-14-2012 07:42 PM

New lease! :D
Well..after Lucky was bought, I decided that after a month of still leasing her from the new owner, that it just wasn't going to work out. Lucky was reverting back to her old ways because her new owner doesn't discipline her enough for her to understand and it told me that I wasn't allowed to discipline her as I had for almost a year. So, off I went. I've been without a horse for over a month, and it's absolutely killing me. I've been more stressed now than I ever was, riding/grooming was my stress relief.

Well..back at fair last year, after my dad died, I was looking at a cute little mare that a friend of ours was trying to sell because she can't really afford her and she isn't bringing any money back at shows like the rest because she's only trained as a trail horse (very solid training though!). I rode her twice and she was amazing. The first ride I couldn't figure out how she was trained for some things (owner was at the med-express with her son who broke his wrist in the show the day before), but we pretty much clicked. She had an -amazing- back-up, lovely trot, an awesome forward walk, and great impulsion. I did find that the nudging with leg cues to get her to canter was definitely not the way she was trained, as I got a few bucks and crow-hops from that. So, the next day I got her all saddled and took her down to the arena. My friend (we're all friend's and all show together) hopped on and got her to canter after a small spazz attack with the leg cues. We found out that leg cues are only for lateral movement and if coupled with voice cues (gaits only) there was a slight spazz. Well, se apparently never cantered undersaddle before that, which is why I couldn't get her to canter on a 30 metre circle like I was trying to before. It took her the whole arena to be able to canter.

So..I'm really excited.(: I'm going out sometime next week to figure out how their farm is set up and how everything runs and probably ride her. We'll be doing barrels, so I have quite a bit of work to do, but I'm definitely not going to rush anything, and I know her owner feels the same way. I know first hand what happens when barrel training is rushed, especially with a horse that already has a lifty front end. I was rushed on his training by the BO to get him ready for the kid that was riding this gelding for 4h, and the boy ended up being to scared of him (and having a temper tantrum when I offered to help him since I was training the horse) and only "ran" him once. I fixed the gelding after I didn't have to worry about him knowing the pattern and running it, and he cantered a mean pattern for a draft cross, it's too bad I never got to finish him out after I realised why it went wrong. But anyway, that's my babbling about my first hand knowledge of rushing training. :p new lease. She's a 15.2-15.3hh chestnut TB mare, I believe 7-8 years old, and (because everyone knows this just -has- to be added) previously abused and rescued by her current owner. She has an issue with force and men, but that has nothing to do with me, since I'm female and very rarely do I get forceful because I don't set the horse up for failure (like I did the 4h gelding..). I had no idea she was a TB when I saw her, she's built like a halter QH, but with the ranch QH bone structure and hooves. She's a little pushy, but that's easily fixed. She rides in a hack because she chews at the bit and pays no attention with one in (so I'm told), but she's all leg/voice/seat trained, only need to really touch the reins is to pick them up for backing.

Anywho..I'm very excited and I know I went off topic about 5 times. :p
I'll definitely add some pictures once I get out to see her again, because I didn't take any at fair when I test rode her.
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Skyseternalangel 04-18-2012 06:45 AM

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Congrats! Definitely want to see pictures :)

And hope it works out a lot better the second go around

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