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WesternBella 04-15-2012 10:41 PM

Injury Prone Horse
I am making this thread to help my cousin (her story, not mine):

I have had my horse Odin for a few monthes now, recently I have began to notice spots all over him that look like the hair has been ripped out but some spots bleed. The BO says that it is from the other horses but I think there's more to it, I think he may have a skin condition or just really sensitive skin because I am constantly treating his wounds or can't ride because they are where the saddle touches.

This doesn't happen sometimes, there are new wounds every time I go to see him & I am beginning to think something is wrong.

What can I do to help him & keep him from getting these wounds?

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IMO, the wounds look sort of like rub marks but there are A LOT of them, he mostly gets them on his back (around the saddle area & rear end) but he also has some on his neck and even around his eyes. They seem to heal pretty fast but they come faster then they heal.

I'm thinking a blanket may be some help if it is from the other horses, any suggestions??
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themacpack 04-15-2012 10:49 PM

If the concern is skin condition, a visit with the vet is in order. To eliminate the other horses as the cause, I would suggest isolation for 2-3 days, during which he is monitored for any new "injuries" appearing.

Saddlebag 04-16-2012 02:37 PM

I doubt this is from the other horses. The don't bite each other around the head.A bite that is hard enough to draw blood will leave arc shaped tooth marks. I'd be concerned about that these lesions are caused by a fungal infection. Are you finding scabs or open lesions? I'm wondering along the lines of rain rot or ring worm (not a worm). Ring worm usually forms a thick round scab. For the time being be sure to wash you hands thoroughly after handling him and before touching the others. Don't share his grooming tools and they should be soaked in hot hot sudsy water each time you use them. These are precautions in case he's infectious.

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