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Salty_alydaR 07-22-2008 02:55 PM

What was your worst fall?
i think that you havent accutally 'ridden' until you've i want to know, what were some of your guy's worst falls?

i'll start:
i was riding a pony with my jacket on and i started to get hot. i was taking it off but it was nylon so it made a lot of noise and it spooked the pony and she bolted. i had no reins and for some reason, only one foot was in the stirrup. i lost my balance and fell off, but my foot wouldn't come out of the stirrup so i got dragged for a couple of feet and a mouthful of dirt. & now i look back on it and laugh :lol:

GallopAway 07-22-2008 11:01 PM

I've had a few nasty ones. Been thrown into gravel, a metal gate, a bush. lol.

The worst was a few summers ago though.
Long story short:
Lizzy THREW me [I mean, I went FLYING. This horse can BUCK] over her back after a fence. I ended up with a split open lip and a broken tail bone.
I didn't know which to do first, wipe the blood off my face or grab my butt. So I just yelped, lol.

ditzydoo 07-23-2008 02:25 AM

mine would have to be when i was riding my mums horse and it was a bit slippery i went around a corner a bit fast and she slid down on to her knees and rolled straight over top of me . . .
i had concusion but nothing serious which was lucky but i could not remember anything just what i was told (i couldnt even remember taking my shoes off and kept asking where they were!!!)

Zanesgirl 07-23-2008 07:57 AM

Worst fall for me was years ago. i was riding a friends horse, she spooked, side-swiped a tree which slammed me into it, i fell sideways, she slipped and rolled over the top of me, then stood on me getting up.
i ended up with a concussion, broken nose, left collar bone, right wrist, right ankle and three severely dislocated fingers. mare fractured her canon bone, split her lip, bruised her dock and scraped her face.

we both lived to tell the tale though

oh, and i forgot to add that i wrecked my helmet but my head was still intact!!! yay yay

Angilina 07-23-2008 08:34 AM

Mine wasn't so much a fall, it was more my gelding deciding I was WAY too embarrassing. Maverick is about 16.1-2 but is very bulky. He is near impossible to get on without a mounting block, lots of flexibility, and about 5 tries. After a short saddled ride, I decided I'd try him bare back. So I took his tack off, got up on the mounting block, and realized I was about half a foot too short to get up there. I saw a loose corner bucket (those triangular ones, we have some extra that lay around) and thought that would be a great thing to stack up on the mounting block to get some height. So I proceed to do just that, standing there pretty solidly on top of it and starting to haul me up on my big gelding. I threw my right leg over, started to shift my weight, and the bucket slips and goes flying off. In that position, I couldn't fall backwards because of how my leg was, and I couldn't go forwards because of the way I was positioned. I probably hung there for a full two minutes. Finally Mav had had enough, so he grabbed me by the back of my jeans and pulled me off, sighing.

The horse is way too smart. He really does freak me out at times. I've been pretty lucky, all my falls have been pretty minor or not scary. Knock on wood! Now if only my own ingenious plans didn't get me killed, I'd be fine :D

FoxyRoxy1507 07-23-2008 10:11 AM

I think one of my worst falls was when i was riding my friends horse and we were practicing some jumping before our show that weekend.. my friends horse was a 16.2h Irish Sport horse.

well were were going around a 3'6" course and my mom decided to walk into the arena while we were practicing and she walked in right as we were going around a corner and so we almost ran over her so i jerked the horse the other direction and there was a blue bucket sitting there that looked just like the blue barrels we were jumping, so he jumped it at this ******ed angle and i jerked him back again... i then lost my balance and flew into a gate that i bounced back from and landed right under his feet, well as he bolted away he kicked me in the face with his nicely shod hoof (steel shoe mind you) and he broke my nose and gave me a concussion and my nose bled for 11 hrs and i now have a deviated septum that if i sneeze too hard my nose starts bleeding!

so yea.. i have many more stories but thats one that sucked the most

**Pleasure** 07-23-2008 12:55 PM

I fell so often I lost count lol

mhh I think my worst one was one time I rode bareback on a large field, it was in winter and my horse was stanging in a box over night and so he was a litte "high - spirited" and was like running and not stopping and I lost control ( the first time till now xD )
so he ran and ran and ran, itīs not such a big problem to stay on the horses back while runnning but of course - there was a big ditch in front of us and my haffi which had his head in the clouds didnīt see it and run in this ditch
he stumbled and I fell over his shoulder too the ground on my "helmentless" head

wll till now nothing bad happend to me but this was painfull to lol

wild_spot 07-25-2008 12:03 AM

My worst fall happened on the weekend just gone...

We had Mounted Games training. I was riding my new horse Buddy, and my friend rachel was riding my horse Wildey, who I have had forever and is my favourite. We were coming in for a changeover, which is where I gallop past her while she gallops past me and we hand something (in this case a sock) over. The horse I was on is new at games and a bit weird, he decided to cut in front at the last second and I just couldn't pull him back, going to fast. So we hit, My horses left side to Wildey's chest.left shoulder. My horse flipped over, I flew off, Rachel flew off but Wildey stayed up. Wildey ran off on three legs, we all though he had broken his leg. Worst ten minutes of my life... Turns out he had just squashed his radial nerve in his shoulder, which cause short term paralysis of his leg. After about ten minutes when the feeling came back he stood on it. Vet came etc but he was ok. I dislocated my finger and sprained all the muscles in my thigh, killer bruises. The horse I was on and the other girl were fine. I guess not such a bad fall for me, but was absolutely the scariest thing when I saw my horse cantering on three legs. He was fine after about half an hour, no limp or anything... But I rode him a few days ago and he wasn't very appy, he kept trying to buck, and this horse never bucks. We are going to wait until he is a bit more rested and get the chiropractor out...

Bitless 07-25-2008 01:03 AM

To be completly honest, my worst fall wasnt actually invloving me falling off, but instead my mum.

I was giving her a lunge lesson on my 15.2hh TB, Foxy. Starting at walk we soon desided to go for a trot, Foxy does about 2 steps at a trot and does 2 very true bucks. Mum still learning couldnt sit it and was flung over his head and she landed soooo hard :( she was basicly flung up off Foxy then just came straight down and hit the ground and wasnt moving at all. I had freaky thoughts going through my head at that moment, ran over to her and kinda rolled her so i could see her face. and omg i will never forget the expression on her face :cry: she was so spooked and gasping because she was winded.
After a few mintues of getting her breath back she sat up and said her shoulder was sore, i took a look and said i think you dislocated it or somthing, as a bone was sticking out. So off we rushed to hospital :( Turned out it was a broken collar bone.

Shes all healed up from it now, but that was the scariest one for me. Seeing mum come off and just not move at all. i have seen friends and cousins come off and stuff but something about it being mum made it the most horrible fall out of all mine combined.

BabyD 07-25-2008 05:06 AM

Green broke mare I was riding on a trail got her leg caught when stepping over a log, went up, lost her balance, went over and we landed on a fence crashing through it. She landed right ontop of me. I let go of her at that point and was trying to get away when scrambled up, reared again and came down right on my shin. Wasn't pretty.

I also fainted off my mare Spirit many years ago and she ran over me. Had the ground not been so muddy (she had taken off at a full gallop) my rib cage would have been crushed and my ribs could have easily punctured an organ.

I've had others but those are the worst.

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