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Salty_alydaR 07-22-2008 04:43 PM

i think that you havent accutally 'ridden' until you've i want to know, what were some of your guy's worst falls?

i'll start:
i was riding a pony with my jacket on and i started to get hot. i was taking it off but it was nylon so it made a lot of noise and it spooked the pony and she bolted. i had no reins and for some reason, only one foot was in the stirrup. i lost my balance and fell off, but my foot wouldn't come out of the stirrup so i got dragged for a couple of feet and a mouthful of dirt. & now i look back on it and laugh :lol:

FoxyRoxy1507 07-22-2008 04:58 PM

well i'm a trainer so i'v had everytime of fall there is, my specialty was training abused and rescued horses so yea... bout those falls...

One of my horses she was an abused TB and she was scared of everything, but i had moved her to a new facility near a road and a semi went by and spooked her and she took off and before i knew if i was smacked right into a tree and i went somersaulting off the back of her and landed on my neck! i got a real nice concusion and scraped all the skin of my arm from my wrist to my up to my shoulder, still have scars from that.

another one was a friends horse i was getting ready to show and we were jumping 3 foot courses, well my mom decided to come in the ring to watch and we were coming around a corner as she came in the gate, the horse saw her out of the corner of his eye and freaked out a little cuz we almost ran her over so i jerked him and he side jumped a BLUE BARREL that was sitting there which threw me off balance and i flew off into a fence, got thrown underneath the horse from bouncing off the fence, the horses back foot kicked me straight in the face as he bolted off, (and he had back shoes on) and yea well he broke my nose and it bled for 11 hrs and i also have a deviated septum so if i sneeze too hard i get a nose bleed!

i have tons more if u still want to hear more stories.

jumping' jimmie 08-08-2008 02:28 AM

i would like to hear more storys lol..ouch!!! My worst fall was with me appendix tatonka, he took of bucking ( for no reason) and i started leaning back trying to stop him...and fell of the back and he kicked me in the face while i was falling off) Craked a cheek bone and lost a i saw someone fall off in a barrel race...her horse went over backwords and split her face with the saddle horn and while her face was hanging off her foot was caught in the sturip and got dragged

Mira 08-09-2008 11:30 PM

I saw that show, jumpin jimmie. Scary stuff lol Kinda her own fault, though, in my opinion, because she just kept jerking on the horse's face. Anyway...

My worst fall was a year ago. My parents and I were riding around the block and we were in a field. I was on Montana, and it was probably his 2nd time out on the road and stuff. So my parents are in the lead and we were going up a hill. It wasn't very steep, but their horses decided to canter up. At the time Montana wasn't very balanced in the canter. He'd give a few bucks whenever he started, but then would smooth out. He saw the other two start to canter away without him and bam. He took off and through in his famous beginning buck, but it wasn't a small one like usual. I flew over his shoulder, landed on my head, then kinda.. rolled onto my back.

I got the wind knocked out of me, and I remember like.. squirming around and thinking to myself 'wow i must look like a fish out of water or something squirming around on the ground like this' lmfao. So my mom and dad were by me a few seconds later and I finally caught my breath. My back was killing me. Luckily, we were by a friend's house and she was a nurse, so she drove over to us and said I should be taken to the hospital. That was my first (and only so far) ambulance ride. I knew I wasn't severely hurt or anything, but they were all insisting on being sure. So I was in a panic because I am extremely afraid of needles. I kept asking the ambulance people if I had to get an IV or shots or anything and they said probably not, so I was okay. lol

But yeah, that was probably the worst. A week ago I went off of Gizmo and landed on my tailbone and couldn't ride for a few days but it wasn't serious. Still hurts sometimes though. :(

chelssss(: 08-12-2008 01:38 PM

hmm well i have had many of falls in my day ; but the worst fall ive had was ;;
well i was at a show, doing 3 feet on my pony, a few years back, and shes done this show, well shes been to the farm that holds the shows PLENTY of times. And the jumps are all the same, nothing really changes .
and we were almost finished with our course, NOTHING went wrong, we were doing great actually, [she wasnt the greatest jumper ; but she knew how to and when she put her mind to it she could jump the moon] and anywaysss ; we were coming up to the last diagonal line, and she has a certain way of telling me shes not going to jump it, and that time she wasnt showing it to me, her ears were up, just like they always were, and she jumped, but not over the fence, she jumped before the fence, landed right infront of the fence and basically kicked me, well bucked me over the fence and i landed ontop of the jump. She trotted over to the other side of the jump and nudged my shoulder and tried to pull me up, thank god i wasnt hurt because everything fell ontop of me.

lets just sayyy im a truee rider now haha

chelssss(: 08-12-2008 01:45 PM

ohhh and another badd time ; well it wasnt too bad, but i guess watching it [not being me but outside of the ring watching it must have been a bad site to see] i wad riding a new thoroughbred at a show, and i was in the warm up ring, and the day before it had rained so it was a little muddy so i was keeping my distance from everyone and everything ; and this lady, rudely opened an entrance gate when i was trotting infront of it without me knowing and my horse, backed up, and i threw the reins forward because i didnt want her slipping in the wet sand ; and well she did just that. The horse that was coming in the gate kicked back at her, my horse reared up, i was still up and about to do an emergency dismount, but her back feet slipped from behind her and i fell and she fell ontop of me, full force, but luckily, the sand was really thick and wet in the area that i was in, so when she fell and rolled ontop of me, the sand pulled me in.

I got back on, and of course changed my breeches, and during our jumping, and flat classes when we were showing, i ended up getting reserve champion (:

amandaandeggo 08-15-2008 01:13 AM

i was riding in a smaller arena with quite a few people . . . eggo didnt like that . . . so he started rearing . . . at first it was only little hops every few mins . . . then they started getting bigger . . . until he drug me off the rail and went totaly vertical . . . like the white stallions you see all the time . . . except i was far form enjoying it as much as they do . . . i had been taught to loosen my reins and lean forward and grab some mane and wait for the worst to end . . . mind you i had been riding for a year and a half and this was my first horse . . . well while i was panicing i grabed his mane and i thought i had loosened my reins . . . but i didnt i pulled him backwards and off balance . . . it was all my fault . . . he was falling over backwards . . . i fell off hit the ground rolled up into a ball and layed there stuned as i helplessly watched my horse fall over backwards . . . my horse being the wonderful horse he is some how managed to avoid flattening me . . . thankfully he was fine other than being a little sore the next day which was easily fixed with some stall rest and a bute tablet or two for the day.

Kirsti Arndt 08-19-2008 04:57 PM

years ago my sister and i were riding her QH's down the road a couple miles to Helvatia Tavern (oregon) for a hamburger =best ever =(she would go in and i would hold horses Zsa Zsa and Hazer then we would eat outside on the steps-anyway just so you know we didnt tie our horses up and leave them-

on the way down the hill a dump truck came through and did his jake breaks-Hazer handled it fine until he was right next to us and she reared -back of my head took out his mirror. good thing he was almost stopped-knocked me out and Hazer smacked her knee cap into the foot thing on the side of the truck-she had to have quartazone (sp) shots for 6 weeks which my big brother made me help administer because i was stupid. poor driver thought he killed us =didnt ride on the road anymore! Zsa Zsa was a huge palamino with an attitude and Hazer was a darling young chestnut, loved those two!!!!!!

Gimme A Dream 08-21-2008 05:27 PM

A few weeks ago, I was riding my Standardbred filly. When she broke into a canter, I rose in the stirrups so not to come down hard on her back. She spooked to the right and I fell to the left. I had the wind knocked out of me and broke a rib, but I got back up and completed her lessons.
Being a Standardbred racer I can only assume that she thought I would beat her for breaking stride. It was our first day faster than a walk.

Vidaloco 08-21-2008 05:41 PM

Last November I fell off Vida and broke my back (3 transverse processes) 3 months of hobbling around, or flat on my back. I'm sure if I had been younger I would have bounced, but I went splat.
No major horse involvement it was all user error. Typical scenario, going to fast, lost my balance and whoops! Off to the emergency room.

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