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Prinella 04-17-2012 08:36 AM

Part Lease what to include in the agreement
Hi Guys,
One of my students is going to start leasing one of the school horses off my boss. I'm just after ideas for what needs to go in the lease agreement.

So far I've got

$20 a week including gear
price is normally $40 but knocking down to $20 as my boss would like to use the horse occasionally for her son to ride.

Allowed use by school
- tuesday disabled group
- saturday lesson , (leasee has first choice in her lesson but can opt to ride other horses)
- occasional use by bosses son (9yo under instruction (private use))

leasee pays for :
- feed / hay
- farrier
- wormer
- dentist
- vet bills (except if incurred during school use)
- rug repairs (rugs supplied)

Gear provided:
Saddle / saddle blanket (special pad)
Halters Lead ropes
Carrot Sticks
Bridle (if needed)
Basic first aid supplies ( arnica / calendula/ comfrey/ purple spray / manuka honey/ betadine / combine) for light use, any injuries requiring on going treatment esp bandaging leasee supplies
Feed bins, hay nets

Facilities / services
Use of photonic torch
hot/cold wash (as long as theres gas!)
Use of stalls and barn (over night only if injury dictates)
Rugs on / off
feeding twice daily
use of riding lanes / jumps paddock
use of tack room / tea room
feed bins
treating minor wounds
holding for farrier / dentist etc

Horse is not to leave the property
If leasee wants to take horse off property further discussion and must insure for loss of use
Only approved third parties allowed to ride the horse and must sign liability waivers

Leasor has final say on training techniques and health (feet, weight etc)

How's That looking?

Skyseternalangel 04-17-2012 08:43 AM

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Make sure there is something in there about care of tack and horse supplies and the horse itself. In mine I have that they are free to use our tack (in your case, gear) as long as they treat it with care and if it is damaged under their care then they must replace it.

Also maybe talk about when they cannot use the horse (during breakfast, etc.) and for how long.

You want all bases covered.. leave no questions unanswered.

iridehorses 04-17-2012 09:12 AM

Am I to understand that you expect the lessee to pay for all feed and health bills, and farrier, but actually given somewhat limited use of the horse?

Prinella 04-17-2012 09:43 AM

That's how it has worked when she's leased horses out before.

Basically the only time use is really limited is Saturdays and the disabled group which we talked about before hand.

As for times when she can and cant be there we don't mind if shes there occasionally at 5am 7am regularly would be fine and until about 10pm at night. breakfast we often shuffle around our schedules so my mare might get a late breakfast if I'm riding early.

She knows all costs will fall to her anything extra will be split scans/ chiro/ if we decide she needs more than the $30 trim etc. Basically the horse doing lessons covers the agistment and allows us to check on behavior pointing out any possible issues. She's quite happy that it means better riders then her will be working the mare to continue her education.

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