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MyLittlePonies 04-17-2012 08:46 AM

Got Given A Selection So Simple Mare
Just the oddest thing. A mare that was going to book to Bentley AKA Me Too Radical, was just given to us. She origionally paid $7-8,000 for her. She's an APHA mare by Selection So Simple. Not sure what her pattern since I haven't seen a picture but mom said she was gorgeous. Mom also doesn't know her paint patterns unless I go into a lecture lol. She just wanted to get rid of her. She would breed to the stallion she was orgionally breeding to this year so she's giving up and selling her cheap. Not sure what her registered name is or whether she has had a foal or not. She's ten years old as far as I've been told. I think she went to the vet I refused to go to because it takes that vet a thousand times to get it done. So if we get her we'll let her settle down and have an exam done and try live cover. Maybe she didn't like the vet or doesn't breed AI? just have to wait and see.

Has anyone had a Selection So Simple foal?
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CLaPorte432 04-17-2012 11:50 AM

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Nope but I'm interested in seeing the mare!!!

MyLittlePonies 04-17-2012 08:39 PM

So am I! Mom called her boss for more info so where waiting. Her boss just doesn't want her to sit out in the pasture and she can't get her pregnant after many attempts with the same stallion. Maybe if we buy her which I'm betting we will, we'll just live cover her and see what we get.

Oh and my predictions were correct. She used a horrible repro vet and spents thousands for nothing AI-ing her. :)
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