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Roxxi 04-21-2012 03:43 AM

How are Welsh's presented in shows?
I am interested in getting into showing Welsh ponies (mostly section B) and am asking for advice on how they need to be presented at shows. This will mostly be lead or in-hand classes.
I have a perlino colt suited to the showing and really want to know how to impress the judges. How should his mane be presented? Is clipping required? How about their tail? What halter is preferred?

Thanks guys!

whiskeynoo 04-21-2012 06:54 AM

From what i gather from the stables up the road they work with the pony's shape, like they took a colt to his first show, but they told me his neck wasn't thick enough so they left his mane longer but thinned it out and made it look neat. They used a leather show bridle on him.
Clipping is not required.
I have also seen them pulling manes of some of the ponies and trimming the tails to fetlock level, also giving them a bridle path. i think it entirely depends on your area.
(someone correct me if i'm wrong, i'd hate to be giving out unhelpful info! )

Mary Liz 04-23-2012 07:46 PM

With my section A it was mane cut to 4 inches and we had to pull it because she had gobs and gobs of hair. With her in halter we used her hunt seat bridle and with her tail it was not braided but we cut the ends so she doesn't drag it but not to much off just so it wouldn't drag the ground (with it long she could step on it and pull out sections thinning it out and making her back sore so we prevent that). Clipped her bridle path and muzzle and that was about it along with grooming and show pepi.

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