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TexanFreedom 04-21-2012 03:08 PM

High withered horse- saddle slides back
My paint gelding has pretty high withers, he rides in a Semi-QH bars saddle. I have a lot of problems keeping the saddle from sliding back to where the pommel is on his back, and I can see his entire wither(s) when I'm on him. I use a breast collar, and it helps somewhat, but it still slides back a lot. if I made it tight enough to where it would stay in place, he wouldn't be able to breathe when he lopes.

Maybe I'm not doing something right, or I'm wrong about were I thought it should go, or something's not right, but there has to be a solution to this problem.

iridehorses 04-22-2012 07:48 AM

I would like to see pictures of your saddle on your horse (with and without a saddle pad). I'd also like to know what saddle pad you are using.

In the meanwhile, it is very difficult to over tighten the girth when you initially start out. You may simply not have your girth tight enough to begin with.

Joe4d 04-22-2012 08:13 AM

pics would be good, I'm gonna guess saddle fit. All my horses are high withered, I have had a slicj saddle pad that liked to walk out the back of the saddle. Didnt have saddle slide issues.
I have no idea what tight and not tight on a girth is. You hear finger rules, but you can always get a finger in if you are willing to apply enough force. I had no idea what to tight was. I frequently would take a girth tightness survery around the parking lots. I find all kinds of levels of tight. SO no idea, Mine is farely loose compared to the death grip my GF uses. COurse she gre up using cheap junky ill fitting saddles thrown on whatever horse. My saddle is custom fit specifically to my horse. So is secure without all the torque.

TexanFreedom 04-23-2012 03:44 PM

I am using a Classic equine brand saddle pad, it's a traditional square western pad, I think it's a SensorFlex. It's all I use, I don't use a liner or anything like that. I use a neoprene girth because I think they grip better when you are getting on and off. Besides, they are way easier to clean!

I am pretty shure My girth is tight enough, my saddle doesn't move when I mount/dismount.

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